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Should my time be marked as already completed for my refusal to take a breathalyzer?
I was arrested (2010) and later plead guilty (same year) to driving without a license, OUI, and leaving the scene of an accident. I served my time and since then have recently taken all ordered therapy and classes. I had hearing to have habitual offender status removed (which was approved). They then told me that since I refused a breathalyzer after the incident in 2010 that now I have to wait another 180 days! Shouldn't that have already been marked done since I haven't had my license since the incident in 2010 and its been more than 7 years? They said it doesn't count since I was still marked as a habitual offender during those 7 years and did not drive. That to me sounds wrong and unfair. It seems like I am being double punished. I did everything ordered and have stayed out of trouble for 7 years and now that I have a job that requires my license and I go to get it back I am being penalized again? I was never told this rule before and I can not find anything online that says the administrative suspension only starts counting after I am no longer a habitual offender or else I would have filed a long time ago before I needed my license.
Because it was an ALS refusal, they are tacking it on the end because it cannot run concurrent with any other license...
Will i be able to get my license?
I got caught with marijuana at school today and i was wondering if i could still get my license.
quickest way to answer this is to ask the DMV or your lawyer.
Can I get a hardship license for a 2nd offense DUI(5 years after 1st)?
I was convicted of a 2nd DUI offense(5 years after 1st DUI) in October 2014. I have completed all required programs and paid all fines. Suspension was for 3 years. I have excellent referrals from the alcohol counselor, detectives, and other law enforcement officials I know. I was told by NH DMV that I must provide court documents showing eligibility for a hardship license. At the time of sentencing, there was no hardship license in effect, but as of January 2016, there is now. Is there any possibility of getting a hardship license granted now? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
NH has a new law allowing for limited driving privileges, however it is only available to people convicted of a 1st offense.
How can MA suspend my NH license for a NH DWI? I just renewed NH License in 2013.
I am a NH resident who possessed a NH license when I was stopped and eventually convicted of a DWI in NH. I have served my sentence, and the 90 suspension is up tomorrow. Today I learned that MA has suspended my license ( I was a resident 20 years ago) based on this DWI. When I moved to NH, I turned in my MA license to obtain an NH one. NH informed me that they mail the old licenses back to MA. I would think that would be a great indicator that I am no longer a residence of MA. The problem is that MA suspended my license based on my DWI. NH will not issue me a new license until I straighten out my issue with the MA who have suspended based on NH information. I am informed that I have to provide my driving history, judges disposition to a MA hearing officer, but I am not a MA resident.
This type of problem is becoming more and more frequent. You need to contact MA, indicate you're no longer a MA...
If a 19 year old has consensual sex with a 16 year old and they were intoxicated is this legal in the state of New Hampshire?
If by any chance the girl lied about her age and is under 16. What could happened to the 19 year old.
If the girl is under 16, then the 19 year old could be charged with sexual assault or felonious sexual assault.
How to file a Motion to : DWI first offense in 2014.
I need a sample. MOTION: reduce a first-time DWI conviction from a misdemeanor to a violation in NH I,......... state the following facts and request the following relief: ????
Redirect to the dui section of AvvoJD
How do I proceed with a hearing for my failure in drive test twice for a new driver's license?Ideally 3 attempts wouldbe given
I have applied for a new driver license and failed the drive test twice . For booking a third appointment I was asked to go for a hearing. Ideally by DMV rules of New Hampshire three attempts are given before going to a hearing but I am asked to attend a hearing after two attempts only and when inquired DMV informed that because of bad driving I was asked to do so.Please suggest me on how I proceed with a hearing in this situation
You need to hire an attorney how handles dmv hearings in your state. This can get very messy.