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  • March indictments include suspects in Nashua robbery...

    Friday Mar 20 | via Nashua Telegraph 

    A Milford man charged by police after a raucous chase that ended with him nearly driving into two officers by the Nashua Canal and three Massachusetts teenagers accused of robbing a Nashua man for a dozen pairs of expensive sneakers are among the indictments returned by a grand jury this month. William Sylvester, 28, of 72 Whitten Road, Milford, was indicted on eight charges, including felony drug possession, after his Oct. 25 arrest by Milford police.


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  • Tewksbury police nab alleged N.H. bank robber

    Feb 25, 2015 | via Home 

    A 32-year-old New Hampshire man wanted for allegedly robbing a bank in Stratham, N.H., on Tuesday was arrested Wednesday night at a Tewksbury motel where police tracked him down with help from Stratham police and the FBI. Tewksbury Police Chief Timothy Sheehan said Seamus Murphy, 32, of Milford, N.H., claimed to have a firearm when he robbed a Citizen's Bank branch inside a Shaw's Supermarket in Stratham on Tuesday about 4:30 p.m. Stratham police said in a Facebook post on Tuesday that the suspect had claimed he had a gun even though he never displayed one.


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Milford Law

How can MA suspend my NH license for a NH DWI? I just renewed NH License in 2013.
I am a NH resident who possessed a NH license when I was stopped and eventually convicted of a DWI in NH. I have served my sentence, and the 90 suspension is up tomorrow. Today I learned that MA has suspended my license ( I was a resident 20 years ago) based on this DWI. When I moved to NH, I turned in my MA license to obtain an NH one. NH informed me that they mail the old licenses back to MA. I would think that would be a great indicator that I am no longer a residence of MA. The problem is that MA suspended my license based on my DWI. NH will not issue me a new license until I straighten out my issue with the MA who have suspended based on NH information. I am informed that I have to provide my driving history, judges disposition to a MA hearing officer, but I am not a MA resident.
This type of problem is becoming more and more frequent. You need to contact MA, indicate you're no longer a MA...
Traveling to Canada while having DUI on record
Hi...can somebody let me know for how long I won't be able to travel to Canada due to my DUI conviction? I know there are ways to file for entry with Canadian embassy, but don't have a strong reason other than going there for vacation.
Unless you are not permitted to leave the country because of a probation condition, I don't see that there would be a...
I got DWI need a cheap lawyer also 12suppened sent I got to court 4/30/15
police stopped me I didn't do any test thy booked me and released me .I also have a spended sents so the court wont help me can u please help me
You really need to get an experienced DUI defense attorney. You can use the AVVO Find A Lawyer tab to help you locate one.
If I got arrested in Arkansas if I am from NH
If I got arrested in Arkansas when I am from NH for reckless driving what happens w me going home? ALSO, whats reckless driving Also if one drives for too long while tired do they get arrested or ticketed, the msitake or accident couldve happene anyway can one get arrested or ticketed for driving the wrong side of the road?
Well, until you receive a letter from NH DMV suspending your NH license, you can drive anywhere in the country except...
What are the chances of getting my DWI reduced to a violation?
In 2014 I accepted a plea for a DWI first offense. The circumstances are as follows: I was found in a parked car in the winter with the engine running, having taken pills and alcohol as part of a suicide attempt. I used my car in order to avoid doing it at the house. The car was carefully prepared to minimize mess for first responders, and there was never any evidence that I moved the car while intoxicated (and I didn't). I used alcohol to accelerate the pills as recommended in a suicide manual, "Final Exit". The suicide attempt occurred after years of severe mental and emotional abuse. I chose a remote area so children wouldn't find the body. Due to the spike in alcohol level from the suicide method, my BAC was measured at .18. I was in intensive care for a while. (continued below)
A reduction to a violation is allowed if all of the procedures that were required of you in the plea are adhered to....
Driving while tired
IF I was awake for 30 hours and got in an accident due to it will I be taken to the drunk tank (IF I HAD NOTHING TO DRINK OR drugs) and would the car get towed and how do I Ask them to leave the car there instead of tow it as its expensive to get back. TO ASK, if my car is towed by police order on a Friday night or SAturday how do I Get it back right away, esp if I Am from WAY WAY WAY WAY Out of town, as I Dont want to wander the streets with no resources nad I think thats criminal to alow that to happen.
You won't get a DWI, it you could get a reckless driving and lose your license that way. If you park in the wrong spot,...
I was arrested with DUI charges. First offense, no criminal or driving records whatsoever. Took the breathalyzer test with .14
Do I have any chances of not losing my license? I am willing to do screening and any required classes.
You very well could your license for a period of time. DUI is nearly a specialized section of law in and of itself....