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Corpus delicti rule in relation to a dui case
Hi, i have a friend who was arrested for a dui and he made some incriminating statements after his arrest. He said something along lines of " I've driven drunk many times and never been caught" would those statements be deemed inadmissible in relation to the corpus delicti rule because the state can't prove that he has driven drunk except the time he was caught driving drunk? He is scared that will be an aggravating factor should he be found guilty. But dosent the state need to prove his statements for them to be admissable should the case go to trial under the corpus delicti rule?
The state may not need to prove that these previous drunk driving incidents happened but may try to introduce the...
How do i fight a RMV license revocation for a DUI from 25+ years ago in NH?
I was notified by the MASS RMV on May 12, 2015 that my current license will be revoked/suspended on June 7th for a DUI i had in NH back in June, 1989. Is there a way to prevent this action?
It depends, if you are not reinstated in New Hampshire that is the likely cause of the problem. Check the status of...
I am on pre-trial probation for a dui. I just got a speeding ticket in New York. Will this be a problem. I am fighting ticket.
I have to go to court in a month for speeding ticket.
A traffic citation will really get you into a problem in this type of situation.
How long after an accident could I still be charged with a DUI?
I was involved in an accident where I slid on ice and hit a building. I was immediately taken to the hospital. No one else was injured. I was coming home from a bar late at night. I don't believe I drank too much but not possitive. Would the hopsital have tested my blood for alcohol when they took blood? Is it possible to find out. Could I still be charged after the fact. I was given a written warning from the police at the hospital for failure top stop at a stop sign. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
If you have not already been cited for DUI, it is highly unlikely that you will be. If the doctors/nurses smelled...
Arrested for wrongly suspended license
I was arrested for operating a vehicle with a revoked license in MA. The MA license was revoked because of unpaid tickets in NY that were received by someone with my name and birthdate. I went ahead and paid all of the fees in NY and MA so I would be able to drive again. Since then I have received dismissal of charges in NY and gotten all my money back from them. I am currently trying to get my money back from MA. Since the original ticket did not have a description, license number or even an address that matched mine I think that MA should not have suspended my license and I would like to make it immpossible for them to do this again to me or anyone. What would you suggest?
Your quest is impossible.
Do I have a case against wrongful termination or am I at least correct?
I was employed at a chemical manufacturing plant, Last Friday I was preforming my normal duties moving a container full of ethanol alcohol and the forklift jerked to a stop causing me to spill it. Mind you I'm on the second floor and theres no drains and its a highly flammable material. I only received a 20 minute video and a 10 minute instruction on how to operate it and failed the physical test but was still given a key. Theres no daily checklist done on the forklift (which is OSHA required), it has a slow leak of hydraulic fluid, it hasn't been serviced since god knows when, the clutch is starting to slip, and not to mention the spill wasn't reported to the EPA or local fire department. The spill resulted in the plant being shut down for the rest of the day while me and a few of the maintenance people spread it around to dissipate. I WA also on my 90 day probation period. I reported the forklift to OSHA today. I'm not mad about being fired I just dont think its safe to let others drive it in that condition. Any advice?
It depends on what was the communication between you and your supervisor(s) and how your performance reports were up to...
Can I take back to court the DMV's decision to revoke my Ma. drivers license for life if found not guilty of the DUI charge ?
I have been charge with DUI number 5 though numbers 3 and 4 were 20 years ago and both were not guilty findings. The DMV revoked my license specifically for refusing to take a chemical test. I personally know of a situation some 10 years ago were some one was able to get a court hearing where by the court ordered the DMV to return the drivers license. The reason for that 10 year revocation was due to being charged with a 4th DUI. I am hearing that in my case, because the revocation was written for the chemical test refusal and not a DUI number that the court will not hear the case for reinstatement. Any feed back you can offer is greatly appreciated and thank you for your time. Lou M.
I would suggest you contact an attorney that specializes in DUI defense immediately.