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What is an amended petition for a probation violation?
I've been out of prison for a year on conspiracy to manufacture. I failed a drug screen in Oct. 2016. I was released from jail on Dec. 5 2016. I just had another test sent to lab. the test was negative In office but urine was too clear. It came back positive.
The allegation is you violated probation so a petition to revoke your probation was filed. They have amended that...
How long does a DWI stay on your driving history
How long does a DWI stay on your driving history 17 years ago I got a DWI how long does that stay on your record
Technically forever. Though most records requests show back 7 or 10 years. If it is important to get off your record...
Will I be arrested with no bond if i failed dui blood test with an open case of domestic battery with means of deadly weapon?
I volunteered breathlyzer and passed it but was forced to get dui blood test. I had just gotten out of jail few days before with judges rule of no drugs or alcohol.
Guess with no case info is you will get a bond. perhaps ask your attorney.
If pulled over for dui and then hospitalized will I still be re aressted?
was pulled over and arrested for dui but never went to the jail went to hosp for 72 hr hold then released. am I still going to go to jail
You will more than likely be charged. Once charges are filed the court could set a court date and send you notice of...
What wiIl happen? DUI 12 years ago, deferment program, charge was dismissed. I recently was arrested for a second DUI.
Arrested for DUI 12 years ago, completed deferment program, charge was dismissed. I recently was arrested for a second DUI at . 08. Am afraid I will lose my job. What are my options and what is likely to happen?
Hire an attorney immediately. Since the prior charge was 12 years ago and no conviction that should not impact the new...
What option do we have when dealing with a warrant that wont make us have to loose our jobs?
My wife and I have been living in Texas for going on three years we are trying to get her drivers license to make it easier for both of us to get to work and back. When we got thru paying for all the classes we went to the bmv to get her tested and they say she is not eligible because of a warrant from Indiana.
It depends on why there is a warrant. Call an attorney who practices in the area where the warrant is pending asap.
Will I be able to get my license as a PTA in indiana with past DUI's?
I will be graduating from the PTA program in May. I started to fill out my application for licensure for my state and was asked to disclose past misdemeanor charges. My school background check was done through a third party criminal check company and there were not issues but I was not asked to disclose any of my past record since it has been more than 5 years since my last charge. I have 2 DUI charges from 2007 and 2008 and a fleeing the scene charge from an accident. I have been sober for 8 years now and have not caught any new cases. Will this keep me from getting my license? Should these past charges cause me a large degree of concern?
This is an administrative law question, not a dui question. Ask an admin lawyer