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Illinois I had a DUI 11years ago .21 and just recently been pulled over again but I wasn't drunk .084
I was speeding but arrested for DUI I wasn't drunk and I agreed to do there test I supposedly failed I blew a .084 at the pd
Not sure what your question is but nobody on this list will be able to tell you what is going to happen until they have...
How can I be charged with DUI when I was not driving
I was pulled over in the state of Illinois a few blocks away from a bar. I was a passenger in a vehicle owned and being driven by a lady that worked at the bar who was transporting me home because I was to intoxicated to drive. I was pulled from the vehicle and told that I was seen driving earlier that day. They took me in handcuffs to the police station, I had chest pains and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The officer asked if I would submit to a blood alcohol test. I asked if it was required by Illinois state law for the passenger in a motor vehicle to submit to a blood alcohol test. He answered no and I told him that was my answer also. They wrote me a ticket for DUI went back to the bar seized my car according to the rico act. I lost my car and am still fighting DUI. The only evidence is two witness's who state I was driving my vehicle earlier that day. I am defending myself due to lack of money caused by medical problems. There was no accident. Thank you for your time.
You might qualify for a public defender. There are avenues of defense available but I think you would have a hard time...
What kind of charges am I looking at?
I got a dui in ia in 1998, another in wi in 2006 and again in 2012. My license was revocation and I never got it back, now I just got pulled over again in il for dui.
Probably a Class II, Three to seven years, plus this one makes you a lifer, disqualified from Illinois licensure.
Does this mean I need to file a petition for my license to be cleared even though the judge already stated it was rescinded?
I recently had been found guilty to the offense of driving under the influence. However, the judge marked miscealaneous condition: Statutory summary suspension rescinded for lack of probable cause. My court date was December 12th. I called the Secretary of State and she told me my license was currently suspended.
If your Petition to Rescind Statutory Summary Suspension was granted, get a copy of the court order granting your PTR....
Illinois resident with BAIID. I had two high readings in August and just got request for explanation from SOS office. What now?
I started car initially with .000. Drove 14 blocks, using windshield washer much of the way. Starting again 15 minutes later, test was .068. Immediate subsequent tests were .057 and .028. I waited 10-15 minutes before next test, which was .044. I walked home, called Intoxilock and ordered a new unit, thinking the one I had was defective. After showering, brushing teeth and returning to car, I blew .000 3 hours later. I had nothing to eat or drink for several hours before I first started car. I've been alcohol-free since 2013 DUI and have my reinstatement hearing coming up. Will SOS see the wildly varied tests in such a short time as evidence the washer fluid had infiltrated car and skewed the results? Would just a letter explaining this do, or do I need more? I've had no other issues.
A detailed explanation such as you set forth here would help. Assistance in drafting the letter from your attorney or...
Is there any chance at all that we could have the BAIID device removed, due to our special circumstances?
Thanks to my fiance's outstanding lawyer (T. Harvatin, IL) he was granted a Restricted Driving Permit in July. We are a one car family and had the BAIID device installed per the State of IL. The problem: aside from the device being an incredibly dangerous distraction while driving (especially with a baby in the car), I am *by far* the primary driver, using the BAIID device at least 80% of the time, if not more. I carry most of the burden of the punishment placed upon my fiance by the state. The state acknowledged in their permit letter his abstinence from alcohol as one reason for their approval of the permit. There is no possible way we can purchase another vehicle. Any advice would be terrific. Thank you.
It concerns me that you consider the BAIID to be a distraction while driving. The car should be stopped and in park...
20 yr old was passenger in auto accident where driver was charged w/ DUI. Made my son "blow" now has to appear in court.
Son blew .14, has notice to appear in Mercer Cty court. Doesn't want to lose his CDL or his chance at apprenticeship for lineman, which he just graduated from school. Can pay fines on his own. Was advised to have him ask for disorderly conduct charge instead. They didn't take his drivers license nor issue him a ticket night of accident.
What is your question. There isn't any question posted here.