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How how long do you get in jail for a DUI and resisting arrest?
My husband was arrested for a DUI and he also was resisting arrest how long do you think he will get
Unfortunately, additional information is needed such as the level of charges of the DUI and the resisting arrest, as...
DUI changed I was sleeping in the vehicle ?
I felt tippsy I pulled into a gasoline station someone called the officer
Ok, so what is your question? Sounds pretty routine. Get a DUI attorney now.
How long does it usually take to be charged with a DUI?
I got pulled over for speeding in a work zone, ended up getting arrested for a DUI. Went to the hospital for blood work and then to the barracks for my fingerprints and picture, then let go. It's been almost a month and still haven't received anything in the mail. The arresting officer did not give me any type of paperwork. Do I just sit and wait to see if charges are being filed?
Pretty much. A month or two isnt unusual as the state labs bog down this type of year. You can check the public...
I have a pending dui case, and was stopped again for dui but was not arrested, will it affect my previous charge?
I have a pending dui in pa, .08 bac, first offense, applied for ard, have a court date later this month. I was stopprd last night for dui again, field breath testof.09, but the officer did not arrest me or cite me in any way, said he couldn't let me drive, but wasn't "busting" me,just drove me to a motel right up the street . will this show up on my record at all or affect my pending case?
It shouldn't show up. If the officer knows that you are applying for ARD it's possible he could call the DA's office...
I was arrested for a DUI in Pennsylvania. I declined the field sobriety test and asked for a chemical test. The state trooper was insisting on taking me to their hospital of choosing. I wanted to be taken to a hospital in the area that I chose. I did not refuse the chemical test I refused to be taken to the hospital of their choosing. I kept insisting that it's my right to be taken to a physician of my choosing. They documented that I refused the chemical test. There was no actual test taken. The troopers weren't sure about the law and kept looking it up as well as the corporal at the barracks and said they could not find anything. Do I have a good defense?
A good defense to what?? DUI?? That depends onna lot more than then the drug test. You would want an experienced DUI...
Any way to check if DUI charges have been filed?
I was detained for a DUI in April but have not received anything in the mail. Is there a possibility they sent to wrong address? Is there any way to check to see if charges have been filed?
Call the Criminal court office and ask.
23 Just received a public drunkenness citation after getting DUI recently
Hello. Last night I was out with some friends and ended up blacking out. Police record shows that I fell on a side walk and also that some of my non valuable personal items were missing. I have no memory of leaving the bar without my friends. I recently also received a DUI. What steps must I take to handle this?
You need a good defense attorney. We dont know if the new charges violate your DUI probation. You also need...