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Can I appeal the sentence ? I did 180 in rehab and initially was only given 75 days but I violated for not enrolling into my classes on time. What can I possible do to stay our of jail ?
Duplicate post. Please see prior answers. You should immediately contact the public defenders office and ask to meet...
i also violated my probation and served 5 days in jail a month after the dui.
Criminal offenses are not necessarily a bar to a state license. However, being caught in a lie will certainly make it...
one of the lawyer told me that we could now use cell phone instead of land line phone from home for my house arrest. is that true? 2nd DUI arrest in Orange County, how do we request for restricted license? I've heard Orange County don't require interlock device for your restricted license. Your kind response will be very much appreciated.
Hire your own attorney and ask him or her.
Since the court, Newport Beach, can't issue an abstract on a case that is no longer in system what can I do? I have been trying to get my license for 13 years now. I'm stuck... Please help me. I just got my first ticket for driving on a suspended license in Fullerton and they took my car for 30 days. I owned it,(BMW 325 I Convertible) have insurance thru AAA, registration currant. I need help please... Laura Somerset
Send DMV a certified court transcript showing that the record has been destroyed.
I was arrested for dui in California and did not pay bail or get booked also they did not take my out of state license or have me signe ticket to appear in court. Do I show up for Court and will a layer be able to use these mistakes to my advantage?
You should get a lawyer regardless of potential error as even negotiating deals with the D.A. can be beneficial for you....
Almost a year ago, I was pulled over and refused to give a breath sample so the cops got a warrant (?) and took a sample anyways a few hours later. I was arrested and let go the next day and no charges were filed, but the DMV suspended my license anyways for a year. Now, I just got a letter from the DA saying that I have an arraignment! So I'm wondering if I get convicted for DUI (it'd be my first), will I have an additional license suspension or will the judge consider it to be part of the 1-year suspension I'm already serving?
DMV will not give you credit for a refusal suspension towards a suspension based on a conviction. Many judges won't...
got convicted for MY 3rd DUI last week and my first offense was back in July, 2004. Will this count as my 2nd offense or my 3rd?
It goes from violation date to violation date. You failed to provide that information but i am guessing you can figure...