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When does a DUI fall off your driving record in California?
I was convicted of a DUI that occurred 11/2010. I just obtained an online Driver History Report through the CA DMV website. It lists convictions as "None", basically as if the DUI did not exist. My husband obtained his Driver History Report and his speeding ticket from 2014 shows in the convictions section. Has my DUI record somehow fallen off or does this Driver History Report only reflect recent convictions? I only ask because when applying for auto insurance, they ask about DUI convictions within 10 years. If my records do not show a conviction, am I obligated to announce my DUI to my auto insurance company? Thanks!
You should speak to a California attorney. However, here is a prior question on AVVO: https://www.avvo.com/legal-...
How tough is North Court on DUI cases?
First offense DUI with .06 BAC. Pulled over by CHP, don't want to get into the details online. Case out of North Court which I've heard is so awful that they might not only file the case but refuse to even offer any reduction even though I was below .08. I've also read going to trial in Orange County on a DUI is close to a guaranteed conviction. How bad is North Court and is it even worth talking to a lawyer?
North Court tends to be pretty tough on DUIs, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to fight and prevail over there....
2 DUI's within 6 months of each other
1st DUI was passed out on Xanax at a light. Moved the car to 7-11 parking lot. Slept in front seat with keys in ignition. Police came and got arrested for DUI on Xanax. 6 months later ran a red light, Police smells pot in my car, arrests me for reckless driving and under the influence of cannabis. I'm 20 yrs old. When should I expect to get my licence back.
get yourself a good lawyer. get yourself some help. 2 drug DUI and under 21 is not a good start. if you are convicted...
How do I know if I was charged with a DUI or not?
I got pulled over tonight because I guess to the officer it looked like I jerked my wheel. Once I was pulled over I had to take tests to see if I was sober and I had to take a breath test. After all that they told me to drive home safe so I left without a ticket or anything.
A single jerk of the wheel is a very weak basis for a vehicle stop. You were not charged with anything. If law...
Can a Police Officer arrest a person for DUI charges in your complex parking lot.
Son charge with DUI while looking for parking in apartment complex. was never pulled over on the street. followed by officer inside complex.
YES, a police officer can arrest a person for DUI anywhere they are driving a vehicle while under the influence of...
If my driver's license is revoked in Michigan due to my second D.U.I. will I be able to get a license in California?
My license was revoked for a year due to my second D.U.I. in that period of time, I moved to California. When my time was up, I called the Secretary of State in Michigan to attempt to reinstate my license, however, they told me I'd have to go through a lengthy administrative hearing, and possibly fly back to Michigan to appear. I have been told from a number of semi-reliable sources that because Michigan is not a part of the interstate compact that I would be able to get one in California. Out of the sources that have told me that, some have told me to retake the entire driving test as if I have never had a license before, while others have told me simply to show them my Michigan driver's license and say I want a California one. (Yes I still have the plastic MI license. It's a long story.) I just want to know for sure what my best course of action should be. Any advice would help!
I think the answer is yes. Michigan is one of the few states that is not a member of the Interstate Compact of state...
DUI as passenger
Can you get a DUI if you are a passenger in the car?
NO, you cannot, unless you were DRIVING the car in some manner.