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Can I petition the court to get my license back?
My license was revoked for a DUI in March 2014. DMV wants me to attend VASAP, I do not. Is there a recommended time to wait to petition the court to get my license back?
Dear Midlothian - DMV does not "want" you to go to ASAP - you are required to complete the ASAP program as a condition...
Will you get in any trouble for unsupervised probation if you get suspended from school for fighting and not get a charge
I have gotten a DUI,aochol,resisting,curfew, endangerment of a miner,
You need to look at the specific terms of your probation. If you violated those terms, you could be revoked. If you...
I am 16 years old. Last night i was charged with a DUI. Is there any chance I can get it reduced to reckless driving?
I hit 2 mailboxes. Nobody was injured in the crash. Just a fenderbender. This is my first offense. I was extremely cooperative with the officer. I blew a .14 on the breathalyzer. I am doing community service before my court date. I already know I am getting an attorney. I have helped repair the two mailboxes. This is completely out of character for me, this was my second time drinking. Is there any chance i can get this reduced or my pinishment reduced?
Get the attorney ASAP--the more time he/she has to prepare your defense, the better. There is ALWAYS a chance, often...
DUI/DWI in Virginia
I had a tire blow out on my way home from work. I pulled well off the road, turned the car off, and locked the doors. I was inspecting the damage when a cop pulled up and parked behind my car. When asked if I had been drinking I admitted to having a couple beers (not drunk). I failed his field sobriety tests because I was tired from working a twelve hour shift and had a hard time in the freezing cold with strong winds blowing at me. Scared I refused a breathalyzer test. *Question #1: Is it still possible to be convicted of a DUI if the car was turned off, I was outside the car, and they have no breathalyzer test results? *Question #2: What charges could this potentially be reduced to?
It is possible to still be convicted of a DUI even though the car was turned off, but does not necessarily mean that...
I am being told my Drivers license is being held by N.Carolina because of a DWI from 1994. What do I do?
I was living in VA in 1995 and got my license back. I then moved to Texas in 1998 and found out I had to do a DWI class for NC to release my driving record. I did them in Texas and cleared everything. I now live in VA again and was just told NC still has a hold on my record for the DWI from 1994 that I cleared up in 1998. the center where I took the courses only keeps records for 10 years and I am being told I have to do all the courses again and pay them all over again. I don't have any records to prove anything. My record has been clean since except for a minor fender bender back on 2001. I just want to know if they can still be holding this over my head when I cleared all of this before. What do I do? Do I do everything all over again for something that happened 16 years ago?
I would need more info to answer this question. I will assume that the DUI was in NC and you were required to complete...
Was stopped on the highway in my company vehicle and was towed for 30 days because of a suspended license from a DUI
I was driving my company vehicle which is in my company's name can they still keep my company's vehicle for 30 days. My company is incorporated and the vehicle is only in the company's name. Is there any way it can be pulled out from impound so another employee can drive it
Contact a local lawyer using the "find a lawyer" feature. Chances are, your attorney can move the court to waive the...
If I got caught for underage drinking will I be drug tested at my hearing ?
I was at my cousins birthday party and the cops came they said the smelt weed so came inside and found a few clips (half smoked blunts) I didn't bring any to the party or even smoke any at the party but I have tried it before and they breathalyzed all of us cause most up us were under 21 they ended up not charging anyone for the weed because no one fessed up but I only drank half a beer and blew a .01 I'm 19 years old and my hearing is in a few days I just want to know if I will get drug tested at my hearing ?
Maybe, maybe not. The judge certainly has the power to order a test.