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I failed a drug test but didnt do any drugs said cocaine?
im a diabetic ? For Better Health Diabetes - false positives for Amphetamines, Cocaine, THC, Ecstasy, Meth and Opiates (References: 3, 16, 20, and 21) The following is a list of medications, prescriptions and other things that can cause a false positive drug test cross referenced to the type of drug test you can expect to be at risk for passing a drug test. Amoxicillin - false positive for cocaine (References: 13, 16, 18, 20, 21, 26, and 29) Dexatrim - false positive for Ecstasy (MDMA), Meth (References: 3, 11, 16, and 18) Dexdenfluramine - false positive for Amphetamines and Ecstasy (References: 3, and 11) Dexedrine - is an Amphetamine (References: 3, 11, and 18) Kidney infection - false positive for Amphetamines, THC, Ecstasy, and Opiates (References: 3, 16, and 21) so how can i prove this
You probably need to provide more information about the nature of the situation and reason for the drug test. If, for...
Will north Carolina extradite for a dwi?
went to court for first appearance in concord, n.c. and the judge said that the max penalty was 3 years. was arrested at Wal-Mart parking lot sitting not driving but truck was running.
Perhaps no way to know without asking the prosecting Attorney who has the authority. best to hire a Criminal Defense...
Can I receive payment from drunk drivers insurance?
My car was parked outside my apartment while I slept. A drunk driver totaled my car by going off road and into the parking lot. His insurance paid the total amount of my car off, however, I did not receive money to put down a new vehicle. I'm in a tight spot financially so this has caused stress and emotional turmoil for me as I have a 2-year-old and one on the way. I'm not in a spot to purchase a new car. Is there any legal action I can pursue against the driver or his insurance company?
Depending on the documents you signed, you may have a punitive damage claim component to your property damage claim....
Do I need to admit to a pending DUI charge when filling out an application for an apartment
I have a pending DUI charge that I haven't been to court for, will it hinder my process of getting an apartment
The best way for you to proceed in situations like this is to be honest. If the application asks if you have been...
What do I have to do to get my license back after losing them because of DUI I got 24yrs ago when I was 16yrs old.
I got a DUI in 1993 when I was 16yrs old. Is there a statute of limitations or do I still have to take some classes to get my license back. It seems like after 24 yes I should be able to just go take the driving test and get them back.
Unfortunately there is no process where the reinstatement requirements go away after a certain period of time. You are...
Will I be extradited from another state for dwi,? I'm in north carolina.
went to first appearance for a dwi in concord, n.c. and was told by the judge that the max penalty was 3 years.
Perhaps no way to know. Usually States depending on the local budget from wherever will extradite for a felony.
Jail time/license revocation for speeding?
In another question, I had asked about a G.S. 20-141(j1) charge I had gotten for 62 in a 35. I wanted to redo the question to include the circumstances. I was headed Northbound on NC-49 to my sister's wedding. The speed limit was 55 last I saw--I must not have seen the 35 sign due to my preoccupation with getting to the wedding and dealing with my gps. The citation does NOT include a charge for reckless driving and my record is fairly clean (1 citation in the last three years). Is it possible to lose my license for a year and/or face jail time. Please help--I'm really freaking out :'(
Being that it is 27 over, you are lucky that the officer did not charge you with Reckless Driving, as well. Also,...