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Public intoxication arrest in MD - previous DUI/expunged in PA
boyfriend had a dui three years ago and did ARD program, probation suspended license then had everything expunged here in PA where we live. Two weeks ago, he was on vacation in Ocean City MD and got arrested for public intox/endager (charges on papers) spend the night in jail, appeared on court, no bail needed. Had court hearing in August. My question is, can MD police, judge DA etc see his previous record in PA and will that impact the punishment in MD and or have any impact here in PA
It should not have any effect in PA, however, an expunged charge may still be able to be seen by law enforcement. The...
Can my driver's license be suspended twice for the same dui?
dui was in 1993.I did jail time,1yr. suspension of license,and 1yr. probation.Now the court says I owe for fines from way back then and penndot is suspending my license again unless I pay them in full
There is a law that allows the license suspension to continue until all court costs are paid (it is part of the...
My boyfriend is being charged with 2nd dui, highest bac level. he was 2 month shy of the 10 year mark on his first dui.
he has a public defender. is there any chance of having it dropped down to a first offense being that he was so close to the first one not being considered?
It is possible to enter into an agreement with the DA's office, but they have a great deal of discretion. Ultimately,...
Regarding DUI
Hi I have got a DUI with 1.2 blood alcohol level . Can you please let me know what steps I have to take to come out of this .
Step 1... hire an experienced defense attorney. Step 2... talk openly and freely with attorney about case. Step 3....
Could D.A use a blood draw that hospital used for diagnosis as evidence to a dui case ?
Blood drawn due to car accident, hosptial drew blood for diagnosis an not evidence for an dui case? Which law states that the blood drawn for diagnosis would be inadmissbble in court. Thanks
They can try especially if it's a serious case with injuries. Get a lawyer right away.
I refused a chemical test for my first dui. But the officer is only charging me for an A1*(Lead) what does this mean? Ive never!
I refused chemical test but cooperated with the officer. He is only charging me with A1*(Lead) not the refusal.
You need an attorney now. The refusal is not a separate section of the DUI statute so he charged you correctly. The...
Is a restaurant/bar responsible for an employee getting drunk while at work?
My daughter and I were hit by a drunk driver. The person that hit us became extremely intoxicated (BAL. .228) while working as a cook in a restaurant. She clocked out of work around 11:05 and hit us around 11:15 approximately 200 yards from the restaurant. The restaurant claims they had no idea she was drinking/drunk at work. They asked the employee to sign a letter stating that they didn't have any knowledge of her drinking. She was never fired and remains working as their chef. The drunk driver plead guilty and is awaiting sentencing. I suffered a bilateral fracture in my L5 vertebrae and was told that it will never heal. I completed PT and will be seeing a pain specialist. I already had a consultation with a local attorney who told me I didn't have a case because of DRAM Shop laws. Do I have a case against the restaurant?
First, do you have counsel on the case versus the chef?