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Can I have an old DUI expunged while facing a new DUI?
I have had 3 DUIs over 5 years old and recently just got another DUI and wanted to know if I could have old DUI expunged while this current DUI case is pending.
That's very doubtful, but speak to a local attorney and find out. Usually, by the time you hit 3 DUIs you're in way...
Can I expunge my 3rd dui while fighting a dui
I caught a 4th DUI over 5years and under 10 can I expunge the 3rd DUI while I'm fighting my 4th since I only signed a5year plea
Get a DUI attorney IMMEDIATELY--this is not a do-it-yourself matter as you are facing serious felony charges and years...
Do you think ? I can get my CDL driving privileges due to a drug test refusal
I was in the hospital on 11-14-16 I was diagnosed with a severe kidney infection. I was instructed to go the clinic for a random drug test . When I arrived I told them about my medical situation I was instructed to try to go but couldn’t. So I drank the water & waited the 2 hrs. As I was going to the counter a gentleman came in severely injured so I went to my co.because I didn’t know the protacal I have all the neccesssary paper work I even went the next day and did a hair follicle test which was negative in all panels Please help. Sincerely William Jones
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I am on my 3rd dui and when the law changed I was not notified. I thought that I would be charged with my first dui,but it’s my?
4th since it is in 10 years,but over 5
Unfortunately, there is no requirement that you be notified when the law changes. All citizens are responsible for...
Can and should one refuse field sobriety tests? Can one refuse test after arrest?
Just curious should the situation present itself
You can and in most cases should refuse field sobriety tests. They are not designed for you to pass them. Nerves and...
Will there be a MANDATORY jail sentence for second no insurance arrest within 5 years in KY and d.u.i. first offense
I got pulled over in Bullitt County Kentucky I had blown on the breathalyzer over the legal limit .11 was what I blow and I also didn't have insurance and it was my second time for no insurance first time for DUI
It really depends on the prosecutor. I would recommend hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.
Punishment for driving on a suspended license due to DUI's, traffic violations?
A friend was pulled over three times (in two different counties in KY) and arrested for open container and RX in a bottle not labeled properly. He had cleared the hurdles of the DUI charges but due to the ticket and RX they revoked his hardship license - which he needs to run his own business. The next day (after the hardship was revoked) he was pulled over for a traffic violation and ticketed for suspended license. Hours later he was in an accident and ticketed again for the suspended license. What is he facing in Jefferson County, Louisville KY for these violations? Jail time, fines, extended probation, loss of driver's license, etc? Thanks for your input!!
There is a potential for all of the above. He needs to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent him. There is no...