Middlesboro Crime

Middlesboro Crime

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  • Fugitive arrested in Middlesboro

    Friday Sep 25 | via Middlesboro Daily News 

    A man wanted in connection with several burglaries in both Claiborne and Union Counties was arrested Friday in Middlesboro, Kentucky. According to reports from the Middlesboro Police Department , Officer Chuck Bruce arrested Jason Carbone, 38, at Junction Apartments around 12:47 a.m. Officials have been searching for Carbone for over a month.


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  • Alleged altercation ends in arrest

    Thursday Sep 24 | via Middlesboro Daily News 

    A Middlesboro man was behind bars for a short period of time on Wednesday after being arrested on a first-degree assault charge. Aaron J. Redmond, 20, was booked into the Bell County Detention Center at 2:51 p.m. after being arrested by Middlesboro Police Officer Joshua Harris.


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  • Multiple drug indictments handed down

    Monday Sep 21 | via Middlesboro Daily News 

    Ronnie E. Mink, 37, of Middlesboro, first-degree possession of a controlled substance, carrying a concealed deadly weapon and drug paraphernalia; Joshua Roy Mullins, 25, of Speedwell, Tennessee, first-degree possession of a controlled substance, second-degree possession of a controlled substance, third-degree possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia; Ryan S. Wyrick, 23, of Middlesboro, two county of unlawfully providing or permitting a minor to possess a handgun, third-degree unlawful transaction with a minor, trafficking in marijuana, less than eight ounces, second-degree possession of a controlled substance and second-degree unlawful transaction with a minor; Joseph Caldwell, 39, of Bledsoe, carrying a concealed deadly weapon, drug paraphernalia, first-degree possession of a controlled substance and first-degree promoting contraband; Jackie Lynn McQueen, 31, of ... (more)


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  • Authorities In Eastern Kentucky Searching For Escape...

    Sep 1, 2015 | via WLEX-TV Lexington 

    The Middlesboro Daily News reports that around noon on Saturday, inmate Joe Johnson broke a florescent bulb over a sink at Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital. Johnson then pointed the shattered remains at the jailer, using it as a weapon and threatening the jailer's life.


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Middlesboro Law

How to get help with dui from ruining my life?
DUI 1st off. I was stopped at red light. foot slid off brake, bumped truck hitch car in front, no damages or injuries to truck. officer was overly aggressive and badgered me with questions and laws. I'm prescribed klonopin. he said it was illegal to drive on this medication. I've been on benzo's for 20 years. I am certain incident was not caused by medication, but me reaching for something in passenger seat.
If medication affects your ability to drive then you can be convicted of a DWI, regardless of how long you've been...
My blood test came back only had less than 30 nanograms and the normal is 200 so how can they still convict me for dui
The police officer was so eager to get me he made mistakes and conducted a flawed examination for dui. He said my speech was slurred and my eyes constricted. I was not under the influence of anything but my blood test came back with less than 30 nanograms of nordaizepam and normal being 200 so anyone can see things don't add up.
While it sounds like you have a decent defense, you will still likely need a criminal defense/DUI attorney to present...
My blood test came back less than 30 nanagrams of nordiazepam and the normal os 200 heard the DA mention per se law?
The officer conducted a flawed examination on me.
While it sounds like you have a decent defense, you will still likely need a criminal defense/DUI attorney to present...
I've been given a citation for a DUI. I ran off the road and attempted to walk back to a friends house but slipped and fell
Busted my head on a rock and suffered a nasty head injury, the police were called by a friend when no one could find me, the police found me and took me to the hospital and had my head treated, I signed the BAC consent form while there but honestly had no idea what I was even signing. I had drank directly after the accident and know my BAC is slightly higher. While questioning my family that were I'm the room I learned the lab tech had cleaned my withdraw site with an alcohol swab instead of iodine, I've heard this can greatly change test results. My main question is, can I be held responsible for signing that consent with my head injury?
It sounds as if you have some valid defenses to the DUI charge. A DUI charge has to be based on alcohol you consume...
How do they determine dui by marijuana?
I was recently charged with dui/ poss of marijuana and not using a turn signal. I was parked when the cops arrived. So don't know how they got me for dui, plus i was not high, I occasionally smoke pot so it is going to be in my system anyway, took a blood test and im just wondering if i should plea not guilty, simple poss. is all that i should have been charged with one rolled up joint......... not dui i don't understand how they could do that.
You need to find out if there were active metabolites in your blood. See: http://www.colorado-dui.com/states/KY.html
Can my husband contest a divorce and get custody of our kids if he is an alcoholic and has had 4dui's in the last 9yrs?
my husband is receiving his 4th dui in the last 9yrs he drinks consistently i have found him passed out with a lit cigarette in his hand he drinks every night till he passes out. he has had 2 car accidents because he was drinking and I had to leave 2 jobs because i could not trust him to take care of the kids at night.
The short answer is yes, depending on the circumstances. You do not mention anything about yourself. Most courts will...
My dad has a DUI first time and terroristic threatening 3rd degree and a menacing charge to all within two day can he go to jail
He has not ever been in trouble with anything in his past this is first time and on the DUI charge the vehicle was not even running it was setting in the front yard but I always keep the keys in the ignition.
Asker, you didn't ask a question here. What's your question> ? Your dad is going to need to hire an attorney to...