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Two DUI's in maryland
Hi my husband has two DUI's one was in 06' and he recieved a PBJ another just went to court 2/2013 and he was found guilty but, it is in appeals where the judge said they would consider a PBJ if he complies. Both are showing on his public record along with several Nolle Prosquei charges. The first one never showed until he got the second one. So my questions are 1. ) is it common place to post the first one if you get a second? 2.) If the second one gets dropped down to a PBJ will they go back to semi-private record (only judge and him can see) and off the md judicary case search? 3.) Can any portion of his charges be expunged?
DUI charges resolved by Probation before Judgment can no longer be expunged. DUI charges that resulted in a conviction...
Why would a interlock device fail you if you had no alcohol?
I have the interlock device in my car . One time it gave me a warning. Another time it failed me gave me a warning then passed me after continuing to wash out my mouth. This last time it failed me, gave me a warning, failed me again, then another warning and another warning. I received a summons now to go to court. I haven't had a drink in over a year. I'm on medication for my chronic back pains , I take 2 high blood pressure meds a day . I'm not drinking at all. I'm stressed out behind all of this. I have to go back to court for a show cause order. I know that one time mouthwash caused it to fail . I was rushing out the door to take care of buisness. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I've done everything the judge ordered me to do. I'm asking God , why is this happening to me ? Please help. I need an attorney to help me with this. These devices are not accurate.
The machine is subject to false positives and certainly mouthwash and other non-beverage substances. I have seen a...
How will a "must appear" wreckless driving charge in Virginia effect an existing DUI PBJ in Maryland?
A year ago I recieved a PBJ for a DUI with 2 years of unsupervised probation. Today while driving through VA I recieved a "wreckless driving" charge for going 64 mph in a 35 zone. It was a must appear in VA court rather than a given fine. Does this violate my PBJ and will I face the charges of the DUI in court again? Or will I just be facing the wreckless driving charge as an individual offense with the judge having knowledge of my previous PBJ?
Reckless driving in Virginia is a criminal offense that goes on your criminal record. This could cause a problem for...
Will my friend most likely do jail time for violating his pbj
My friend was given a pbj and place on one year unsupervised probation and 24 hours of community service january 20th 2016 and was to finish on january 20th 2017 for driving with out a license. On january 5 2017 he got another driving without a license he only had 2 more weeks left on the pbj and he finished his community service hours and on case search his pbj case says closed so can they still violate him and if so what will most likely happen the car wasnt stolen it was his and he only went to the store up from his house
The case will most likely be reopened as the violation occurred while he was on probation. As for jail time, It depends...
What will happen if I have a fail in my interlock ?
I'm on 3 years probation and have interlock for 3 years yesterday I went to blow and it failed me I did not attempt to blow a second time because I was scared to have another fail . I had 2 drinks between 1-2 another at 330 ans 430 did not attempt to drive for 3 hours after assuming it takes an hour per drink was a very dumb choice that I will never attempt agian but I wanted to know what will the Mva and my probation officer most likely do ?
First, it will extend your interlock for another months. If you have four months of one or more failures, then you will...
Will my PBJ from a DUI from 15 years ago show up on a background check by the State of Maryland?
Got a PBJ in Baltimore County about 15 years ago. Nothing since except a minor traffic violation. What is a good background check service to use to see if it's there? The State of Maryland will pulling a background check in the next few weeks. Thanks!!
They will likely see it when they do the background check. In fact, it will appear on Maryland Judiciary Case Search...
What does "ORB" stand for?
I have been on probation for 6 months & approx 1 month ago I had a positive urine test, it was positive for an oxycodone. I had a previous prescription for it from approx 9 months ago but I had not finished the bottle back then & still had extra pills in the bottle. This was the first time I have taken any of that medication in approx 7 months & when I took it, which was only that one time, I forgot to tell my Probation officer & it came back as a positive test. I did a case search on line to see it there was any new info posted & this is what was posted in the event history information box "MOTN / 06/12/2017 / REOPENED TO SET HRG PER 0AB 8-5". So my question is, what does "OAB 8-5" mean? I understand the case was reopened & I will need to appear in front of the judge again to explain myself, but I'm trying to find out what "OAB 8-5" means? I understand this is a vary serious situation & the repercussions for this screw up of mine, Thanks to anyone who could answer this question, I Greatly appreciate anyone taking time from there busy schedule to assist me.......Tim
0AB is the Judge's designation. The court clerk should be able to tell you the Judge's name. 8-5 means that the case...