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I was driving impaired and wrecked my vehicle 2 days ago. A police officer was on the scene and wrote a citation for the accident and on the ticket checked the box for "impairing substance". I went to the hospital and they did not take blood, but the sheriff's office collected blood, and I received copies of two forms regarding my consent for the blood. The accident occurred on Friday night and I still have not heard back about the BAC blood test or if I am to be arrested. Would they have called me if the test was positive or negative? Is it possible that I can still be charged and arrested for DUI? Is it standard to wait this long? Should I call to try to get results? I am a first time offender, the incident occurred in Pine Level NC, Johnston County Police
Each state is different. But, in Louisiana you could be charged with an offense once the blood work is tested. Did...
got in a weck,charged with DUI and child abuse.i blew a 0.00 they took blood,has not come back.i am trying to fight the DUI.also got DWLR.i missed my court date.I kinow I have a pick up order.do I need to turn my self in or let them get me? while I find a lawyer. im not running,they know where I live.
I recommend that you retain a lawyer to address the warrant. In some jurisdictions the lawyer may be able to lift the...
Currently unrestricted liscence, was wondering if I go to MI now while waiting on ruling could I get an unrestricted MI DL?
If you are pending trial in NC and have full driving privileges, then you should be able to get a MI license now....
I have been granted bail and done 2 months right now but want to come out of prison after serving only 2 months because I heard it is unusual that I was given bail ! I don't wanna go through this again
If you were given an appeal bond and post that, you would be released pending the outcome of the appeal. If you lose...
I got a DWI for taking 1 prescribed flexeril (cyclobenzaprine)the day of the accident will this hold up in court?
Depends on how much comes back in your system and if that is consistent with your prescription. You should talk with...
Is a misd DWI level 2 sentence still cut in half when you go to prison in North Carolina?
You need to contact local NC criminal attorney.
I am serving a probation sentence of 1 year 6 months. If I get all fines payed and I have completed my DUI class and it was not a felony in 1 year is it possible I can get a lawyer and have it terminated?
That is up to the judge. But it is very likely it will be granted.