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I got convicted of DUI in Arkansas right around ten yrs. ago and now I have been charged with a DUI in Tennessee?
will this show up in court? Also the officer gave me a commercial vehicle DUI and this is false.
It will probably appear on your criminal history making it likely that this will be charged as a second offense,...
Charged with dui and implied consent on January 2014.
My bac was less than .08 and dui charge dropped but still surrendered my license for one year under implied consent law paid a $98 fine , never appeared in front of a judge and walked out the court room. Now I'm having employment issues because I didn't surrender license till March 2015, so basically 2 years ago although the arrest was 3 years ago. My driving record shows license suspension for refusing blood breath test/ violation of implied consent law. Obviously all potential employers say well you've had a dui within the last 2 years and we can't hire you for another year. ( 3 year look back ) can this be expunged and or is it being recorded correctly?
If the case was dismissed, then you need to go to the Clerk's office where the case was dismissed and asked them what...
How can I push a paternity test to get my fiance out of jail?
He is being held in jail to have a paternity test performed but he has no court date,no jail time,no release date. They haven't even come to take him for the test and it's been almost 2 weeks. What can I do?. He has never been to court to set up a payment and where he is split up with the ex he didn't know about the court dates that was set
Hmm, I would contact the clerk or the Jail to see if they might be able to help with regard to when his court date is, etc.
TN drivers license suspended after refusal to take breathaliser in MS. Court date pending. Can I get replacement license from TN
My TN drivers license was taken and suspended in MS after I refused to take a breathaliser. The court date is pending. Can I apply for a replacement license in TN while waiting for the hearing
Tennessee and Mississippi are part of an interstate compact on driving privileges. When a TN driver is suspended in...
What all do I have to pay to get my license back on a DUI and a driving on revoked
It has been 5 and a half years sense I was convicted of a DUI and driving on revoked I finished my DUI classes and flattened my probation unfortunately I had a long stay in jail to do this and I have 3200 dollar jail rent I owe will I also have to pay this in order to get the court or the judge to sign the release form for my license will. If Nashville doesn't require for my jail rent to be payed as a condition for release ,but the judge want do it anyway what can I do about it
Honestly, you have a laundry list of things you'll need to do. It's best to consult an attorney and develop a strategy....
If your PO violates you for failing a drug test W/o catching any new charges can a lawyer get that warrant lifted ?
I failed a drug test was never offered to go to a drug program whatsoever and my po violates me.. I haven't caught any new charges and i honesty dont feel like i deserve to go to jail maybe a program but jail is taking it to far i have came a long way
There is not enough information here for me to know whether you had an opportunity to go to a "program." At this point...
Can I be found guilty of DUI if I was sitting sideways facing out driver side window with no keys in ignition?
Officer was dispatched to a residential location, I was sitting sideways in driver seat, there were keys in the vehicle but not the keys to that vehicle. Car was towed at owners request due to the fact of not having keys to have it driven (I have tow receipt)I was arrested for dui for saying that I had been drinking. Arrest report says complete different summary of events that night. I sat in jail 45 days before I was given an arraignment. I have an appointed lawyer but feel like this case should have been thrown out long before it got bound over.
The state needs to prove operation. If they are still pursuing the case, then they have reason to believe they can...