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I have a DUI on my license, but I haven't been arrested or charged with the DUI
I was in a accident, blood was taken and it was over the legal limit but i never was arrested or charged. It's been six months since the accident. I need the arrest form in order to get my license back but there's no form found, my license got suspended for a DUI related offense. What's going on
Could you have had another DUI offense? Check and see if there was a bench warrant issued for this offense. Also, go...
DUI Expunge or seal
Hi I live in the state of Florida and on June 2008 I was charged with a dui. Since then I have not had any problems on my record and I' ve been a law abiding citizen. My questions is if there is any options available to expunge, seal or perdon this incident as this past error does not reflect the person I am today nor would I want it to hinder my career and future job prospect. Thank you for your help.
Unfortunately, I don't believe you can seal or expunge a DUI.
Can i get ignition interlock reduced from one year to three or six months
I have second dui and i was court ordered to have ignition interlock on my car for one year. I have interlock on my car, but i wanted to know if i can get a lawyer to reduce the length of time i have to keep the device on my car. Thanks
The one your ignition interlock requirement is a statutory mandatory sentence and cannot be reduced by the court after...
Miami. DUI and Ctitizenship
Hello. i was convicted for a DUI 1st offense in 2014. No criminal background before. Just finished my probation and everything mandatory. I live in the US (green-card holder) since 2009 and volunteer for 2 years helping peoples. Can apply for my citizenship. I'm very confuse many lawyers say yes and other say no. DUI do not affect your GMC (Volume 12 – Citizenship & Naturalization, Part F – Good Moral Character Chapter 5 – Conditional Bars for Acts in Statutory Period) I know i'll need a immigration lawyer. Thank you very mech
US immigration laws are complicated. Criminal lawyers have some background in immigration laws, but not enough to give...
I am on Felony Probation and received a written arrest for possession of alcohol under the age of 21 but feel as if i am inocent
I am 20 years old. I entered a bar with my friends and was given a wristband signifying I was over the age of 21 and wasnt even id'd (probably because I look old or something). You only need to be 18 to enter the bar but need one of these wristbands to drink. The cops later raided the bar looking for kids who were drinking without the wristbands. I was asked by cops who raided the bar for my id because I was holding my buddies drink while he went to the bathroom even though I had the wristband on and was not drinkingDo they have probable cause to confront me? This is crucial because since I am on felony probation for having a fake id on me two years ago. I am very well liked by my PO and have done everything right the past two years and even told my po about this the following morning.
It is a crime for a person under 21 to be in possession of alcohol (that means holding it for a friend). There may be...
Does a cop not showing up for DUI trial give any advantage for a better deal if the state re-files?
Case# A0Z0H6P 4/18/2015
If he doesn't show up to trial, the DA won't be able to refile the charges. This isn't typically what happens, asker....
Cost to vacate a Dui conviction
I have 3 Dui and I want to vacate this cases from my record, one was in 1996 , 1999 and 2013 how much it will cost me and how long does it take to do it
That is a very complicated question of three parts, each DUI. Depends on whether you have a legal reason to vacate, if...