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How many times can you join drive legal program
I been on the program twice. Couldn't keep my payments up due to loose of income. Just receive a order for my license to be suspended indefinitely.
Q: How many times can you join drive legal program? A: As many times as the Court is willing to re-refer you....
How to remove from NDR in state of geogia?
6 years ago i got suspended driving lincese for dui
You need to clear all suspensions in their respective states to be removed from the NDR.
What actions can I take for a video of me surfacing drunk naked in public?
I have no recollection of the night that this video was taken. I was young and extremely intoxicated. I am naked and I am in a bar. I do not want to say specifics. I only know of the events because the person I was with told me what happened. About five years ago the incident occurred but I just found the video tonight uploaded to youtube. I want this video to be taken down and I would like it never to see the light of day. I also don't know if there are any other videos of me. I work with people on a day to day basis and if this were ever to surface that the person in the video is, in fact, me will destroy my career! I just need some guidance to know that there is some way to get rid of this!
Youtube typically is pretty quick in taking these down, usually in a few hours
Will my Blood test come pack reading positive even if my breathalyzer read 0.00?
I was in a car accident and I had a breathalyzer test done, it read 0. About two hours later i had a blood test done. The reason for my concern is that I had alot to drink two nights before but about 30 hours had gone by before I got my blood test. (I felt perfectly fine to drive obviously and I am a 120 pound male.)
Sorry to hear about your car accident and I hope you're well. If you had a breathalyzer test, I assume you have a...
Should I speak with a lawyer to back me up just in case?
I failed a drug test at work about 5 months ago, it was a DOT drug test. I was supposed to take some classes so I could return to duty. But I just recently checked with the DOT. If there was anything holding me back from driving trucks, there isn't. That means I was never reported. Should I speak to a lawyer just in case the company wants to report me 6 months later.
You should contact an attorney in your area for a one hour office consultation. It's strange that a DOT test wasn't...
Can a persons court winning for a case be seized or garnished to pay for unpaid dui fines and court fees?
I guess a DA or former DA would know the answer to this question. I know someone who owes thousands of dollars for 3 DUI's and other fines. He hasn't paid any of it. Right now he got a lawyer to sue his relative for some property. He will win and get the money. Will or can the counties he owes the fines freeze or halt the check and take what he owes? I really hope that is the case because he laughs over not ever paying those fines. I know lawyers get people off but I was curious if his windfall will be taken.
If there is a judgment out there, yes. The act of "levying" on the funds would cause them to be used to pay off the...
What can I do to prevent an HTO from occurring...
Okay so I was Charged with a DUI and Driving with license suspended with knowledge back in October 2015 I blew 0 but refused the Urine sample, and I've already been charged twice with DWLSWK within the last 2 years one was withhold adj one with out, so I have a court hearing this Monday for my DUI and DWLS and if I get convicted of either the DUI or DWLS or I know I will be qualifying for HTO but I did acquire my license back already it is currently a hardship until I finish the DUI program is there any way to help prevent me from being HTO once I have my court hearing on Monday?
You need to retain an attorney ASAP to help you with this matter. And, if you cannot retain one, you should have asked...