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Can i apply for DACA if I have been arrested with DWI in Minnesota but only got charged with Careless Driving?
I have all the required evidences and no any other misdemeanor nor felony on my record. And I am currently applying from Florida.
I think you meant to say arrested for DWI but was only convicted of careless driving? For the FL attorneys you may...
Hold for div 4/ Burglary/Unoccupied conveyance
Online on a comment case i read "hold for div 4" what does this mean?
It could mean a lot of things. would need to see it in context of the comment.
Can i be arrested for DUI after the fact?
Police found me in stopped car on side of road. Called in fire rescue and taken to emergency almost unconscious. Do not remember anything nor giving consent to blood test which came back positive for intoxication. Released but with no apparent charge against me.
Yes, you can be charged with a DUI based on the facts you've presented. I recommend you review Florida Statute 316.193...
My fiancés brother was arrested in Pinellas County, Florida for "VOP DUI". I'd like to find out what his violation was.
For her peace of mind I would like to know what his violation was. I have looked at the online court records and she has called the sheriffs department but we're unable to get any further information. Her brother is refusing to see visitors. I would like to provide you the name and have an answer of what the violation is.
I don't practice in FL, but I would venture as guess as 'VIOLATION OF PROBATION/PAROLE" from a prior DUI conviction. We...
If I am charged with Misd DUI property/body damage and a DUI at the same this. Will this count as a 2 DUI's?
I had a DUI 12 years ago and I recently got into an accident and was arrested for DUI and DUI property/personal injury both Misd. I am concerned that if I am convicted with both will this count as my third DUI which would be a felony since technically the third DUI conviction was within 10 years of the second, even though it was the same instance. This occurred in Miami so I am not sure of what will happen.
That won't happen. Your simple DUI is a lessor included offense of the DUI with property damage/personal injury. You...
Pending DUI and background check.
I have recently interviewed for an Engineer job with Verizon and I know I am going to get the offer. I have a pending DUI arrest. The job does not involve any driving just working in office and there is a train station right next to the building. Will this pending DUI make me unemployable since it is a misdemeanor?
I don't practice in Florida but I would strongly suggest you consult with an attorney there who can advise you. This is...
Can Immigration block re-entry into the US for green card holder with single DUI arrest,open case, with no conviction on record?
I was arrested for DUI, have an experienced attorney working on the case, and if all goes well the case will be sealed & expunged (Florida). I plan to travel to south America on business soon. I have read that DUI is not one of the crimes that prevents re-admission into the US after foreign travel. Please confirm that this is true. I am eligible for US citizenship this year. Once the case is sealed and expunged, can I apply for citizenship, or will I still have to wait 5 years? I have read here that DUI is not a crime of moral terpitude, therefore should not adversely affect Citizenship application. I will take an immigration attorney with me if need be. Thank you in advance for your answers.
It will not ,atter for immigration purposesmif your dui is expunged. USCIS can and will hold it against you. Further it...