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  • Mexican authorities catch man wanted in killings of ...

    21 hrs ago | via News Tribune 

    A man accused of killing a couple in rural Washington state and burying their remains in a remote forest clearing has been captured in Mexico, authorities in Washington said Friday. John Blaine Reed, 53, was arrested Thursday by Mexican authorities in Sonora, Mexico, and expelled from that country for violating immigration laws, said Snohomish County Sheriff's Lt.


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    Saturday Jul 9 | via 

    Matt Finn just reported for Fox9 News in Minnesota confirming some details and adding a few more after discussion with Yanez attorney and investigators: *Officer Jeronimo Yanez is Mexican not Asian as claimed by Diamond Reynolds. *Philando Castile and Diamond Reynolds did not comply with instructions to keep their hands "up, visible and don't move them".


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  • Wife of Mexican drug kingpin 'El Chapo' pleads case ...

    Jun 20, 2016 | via KMBC-TV 

    The wife of Mexican drug cartel boss Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman traveled to Washington earlier this month launching her efforts to seek an international investigation into her claim that Guzman's human rights are being violated while he awaits extradition to the U.S. Emma Coronel Aispura, a former beauty queen and a U.S. citizen who lives in Mexico, spent several days in Washington, where she held a meeting at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an arm of the Organization for American States. A spokeswoman for the commission, Maria Isabel Rivero, confirmed the meeting with Aispuro but, citing privacy issues, would not discuss the purpose or details of the visit.


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If i hire a attorney for this incident do u think i could beat it priors are 2 dwi and 2 misdeanors for passing bad check also
basically was partying the girl i was with was wanting more meth and me to buy it trooper was first there then the sheriff and then city detective because the girl is the one who called the police because i wanted to take something outside and take pics because this girl had a lot of things that were taken from my storage its a open investagation sheriff talked to her first and then asked my daughter if he could search the car for meth she said to ask me I said as long as you search her house sheriff said fine im towing ur car to sheriff station i said whoa ok you can search the car he did in the car he found a little fake smoke and in the trunk in my luggage 1 bottle of different pills inside i have a script for them all but 1 was in there of my boyfriend but he has a script
While I can't recommend an attorney in your area, as I am not familiar with it, I can say that ANY attorney is going to...
Third dwi in missouri
5/26/2012 I received a dwi and i have 2 alcohol charges against me 27 years ago back in 1985 where I got a bac and a dwi a month apart. I am a single parent that lives in rural Missouri without much of a way to get kids to school or daycare. I am so scared that I’m going to lose my license for 10 years will the Missouri dmv charge me as third offender beings its been 27 years ago on the other 2 charges. Thanks any help will be much appreciated.
Under Missouri Law, a Third DWI conviction, no matter how old the priors are, requires a 10 year denial of driving...
Will I still be charged for a dui?
I was arrested last night under suspicion of DUI. When I was released this morning, they didn't give me a ticket/citation or say anything about a court date. I've called the municipal court and the gentleman that I spoke with said that he didn't see anything for me in the system. This is my first offense and I'm not quite sure how these things work. Any advice would be great!
In the event you are going to be charged, it is not uncommon for the criminal summons to be mailed to you. In the...
What is the best way to beat a dwi ?
4dwi. No field test no breath test no blood test blacked out due to health reason and run into ditch. No one hurt.
You need to hire the best DUI lawyer you can afford to represent you, as soon as possible.
What are the likely criminal penalties for a minor with a DWI in Missouri?
Pulled over by a city police officer. 19 years old. Did sobriety testing blew a .04, the legal limit is .02 for a minor. What is likely to become of me when the process is all said and done? Is probation almost certain? The officer said I had hit the middle dotted line on the highway consecutive times. No one else in the vehicle. Curious of the likely criminal penalties and I am also going to college out of state and wondering if this has a chance for me being required to travel back and forth.
What is the number ordinance or statute? It will be on the ticket. Or did you just get a notice of suspension or...
Help with probation for DUI
I'm almost done with a two year probation and I've done everything I need to do, according to my probation officer. However, one of my terms of probation was to complete a 90 day SCRAM anklet, which I haven't completed. Should I bring this up?
Bring it up to whom? If no one else is mentioning it, I see no reason to bring it up. It would have been prudent to...
I was driving but my husband got DWI what can we do??
My husband and I were at a bar and of course drinking. Well we were going to leave with some friends and I decided to move the car my husband was in the passenger seat and I stupidly decided to do a burn out in the empty parking lot. Anyway cops showed up and asked who was driving as they clearly could see my husband getting out of the passenger seat and me standing by the driver door with keys in my hand. My husband said he was driving because I have my CDL and drive a school bus and will loose my job if I got a DWI. So my husband took the blame but now I want to just go ahead and say it was me because it really was me and my husband already has 3 DWI this would be his 4th but that's not fair to him because he really was not driving. The cops never investigated me or asked me any questions they just took my husbands word for it. So how can we fight this back? What will happen if I say I really was driving after they already charged my husband?
If you admit that you were really the one driving, you will very likely be arrested and charged with DWI. If convicted,...