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What happens if I fail my first drug test on pretrial release?
I got caught with my first DUI in New mexico and with that I got a speeding ticket and no drivers licence. . The day before I got caught which was Friday night and Saturday I was smoking very very heavily on marijunana. I know I well not pass but is there a way for my explanantion? I don't know how to tell them. What we'll happen if I fail? I have less then 1 week for court.
Were you order not to do any drugs?
I'm on pre trial for a fraud case if I give a dirty urine what will happen my time will be up on October 10 2017
So if I give a dirty urine but admit I need help what will happen
Ask them.... here are your options guessing without having your case 1. arrest 2. modification to rehab 3. jail or...
Do I have a chance at trial to get my case dismissed?
Officer pulled me over after a phone call from the establishment I left. I was not doing anything illegal when pulled over. This was recorded in a statement at the ALS meeting which I won. I was asked to take the PBT whIle the officer held an orange card which I learned later was the implied consent. He never read implied consent. I did not take the PBT, but did take field sobriety test which I honestly think I did very well. After the third test, the one leg stand, performing flawlessly I put my foot on the ground and was told I was under arrest. I put my hands behind my back, and didn't say another word. The officer never read implied consent. I later learned they were diong a shift change. I was transported to the jail and booked. No blood or breath test was taken. The officer testified under oath at the ALS hearing he read implied consent. The video shows otherwise, including I argued while he read it but I clearly did not. I did not have a lawyer at the time of my pretrial, and did not accept an offer. I have a lawyer now but honestly have my doubts. This is a small town. Looking for advise to talk to my lawyer about.
Tell your attorney everything you just told us. Your evidence appears to be very compelling and solid to me. Ask your...
Is there any way I can get a deferred DUI off my record
I received a deferred DUI 3 years ago with one year probation. I am interested in going back to my nursing career and do not know if I can lessen the conviction in any way.
Did your attorney file an Order of Dismissal after the deferment period? That is where to start. Contact an attorney...
Is there a seal stamp on polygraph test? Also how many pages are there when you receive your test results.
People say its a one page with the questions they asked you amd if you passed or not.
This is not a DUI related question and franky, it's not even a legal question. Go speak with a polygraph expert.
Can I get legal help from a legal aid in New Mexico to help me with warrants I have in arizona?
I have 2warrants from Arizona. One for not going to a driving class and paying my fine because I was homeless, jobless and had to move to New Mexico to get a roof over my head. I also have a warrant from Arizona because I wad evicted from my apartment, my sons were abusing me and I had to leave the state. I spent 24 hours in jail, went to court and the charges were dropped. The charges were reopened once I was in New Mexico and I have no money to go to Arizona to go to court. My license is suspended and I have warrants. What should I do?
Whatever the reasons you did not take care of court matters, you will not get a valid license until you take care of...
Which states will NOT extradite my new mexico dui 3 charge?
Ive recenty picked up a 3rd dui in new mexico (misdemeanor ). Now im totally drained of cash after the last two, and unable to pay the steep fines after this next one. So im researching my options as far as relocation, but am not finding much. So I guess my question is what states will NOT extradite me back to new mexico?
Move to Algeria.