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How do you proceed with a DWI Case when a person is in parole?
My boyfriend is on parole and got a DWI. We had 3/4 drinks each. He was given 3 sobriety tests and passed the first 2 and refused the last. There was no breathalyzer given or blood test to determine the amount of alcohol consumed. Because we were in his home town and they ran his record we assumed they were just giving him a hard time. But with so much at stake with this charge no what actions do we take now?
He really has two issues: the DWI & the parole revocation. He would put himself in thr best position to not have his...
DWI expungement questions for Dallas, Texas.
I'm trying to decide if it is worth it for me to obtained my expungement on my own vs hiring an attorney. Here is a list of important points * My DWI was dismissed in October 2015 * I am currently interviewing for a new job, so time is of the essence. * I was quoted $700 to have this done for me, however I see do-it-yourself kits for $199 online (this does not include filing fees of course) * What are the typical court filing fees for this? * how long does it take for the DWI to actually be removed after filing the expungement? Does hiring an attorney speed this up at all? If anyone would like to leave me a quote for this service, it's more than welcomed! Thank you for your time!
You don't provide enough information to determine whether an expunction is currently available in your case. In the...
Can I get a DUI expunged from my driving record?
Need to be able to drive a company vehicle. Insurance will not cover until after 5 years.
You should address this to a criminal lawyer. I will repost there for better results.
Got a dwi sleeping in my car I was not driving .
I was out with a family member he had taken me out and we went to a few place to eat and had some drinks . He was driving he whole time and we ended up meeting some new friends we ended up leavening the bar together he was Driveing ended up folllowing the new friends to a local restaurant upon pulling in he noticed that they where swerving and parked my car in the back of the restaurant cause they couldn't make a turn . He offerd to take them home came back to me in my car and said I'll be right back to pick you up let me drive them home and I'll come back to get you lock he door , I moved over to the driver side locked the door and went to bed . 2 and a half hrs later a police officer woke me up and got me for a dwi . Do I have a chance on beating this ?
Not without hiring a good DWI lawyer you won't. There might be a chance especially since the cop didn't see you drive,...
How will a DWI in North Carolina affect me as a Texas resident
I was arrested for DWI in North Carolina recently but am a Texas resident. Ive been told the penalities here include a year suspension, having to have a breathe test machine in your car and fines but that Texas may have different penalties they would enforce. For instance if the Texas penalty for my offense is 6 months of suspension opposed 1 year.
Texas can honor North Carolina's penalties, You may get notice in Texas to appear for a hearing. Retain a lawyer to...
Can the father of my children get deported on a second dwi????
He's currently in state in a federal prison he's been in the us over ten years working he has two us citizen kids with his x wife and he has a 9 month daughter with me and currently another on the way. This is his second dwi. What can I do for him?
You need immigration law counsel to try to help him. Consult immigration law counsel in Del Rio area.
Can I get a TX license if I have a DUI on record in CA?
I received a DUI in CA, completed all classes, paid all fines, served my suspension time and now I have my regular no restrictions license back from CA. When I move to Texas in January will there be any problems getting a new driver's license?
You should have no problem getting a license in Texas as long as your license in California is clear and good to go.