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How long are original court documents kept for DUI? Can AK provide an authenticated court document from 2001?
15 years ago I was convicted of DUI in Ketchikan. Although I was eligible for diversion I unknowingly used out of state alcohol classes not recognized by AK so the conviction stuck. I have recently been charged with DUI in Colorado (again lower BAC at 0.09). Colorado is a lifetime lookback state so this Ketchikan conviction can be used against me. However Colorado will require authenticated copies of the conviction from the clerk of the appropriate court. It appears that authenticated copies in AK require the original document to be present in the court. How long are original documents kept in Alaska court? Ketchikan Trial Court. When I look up the case online it indicates "All Records Prior to 05/14/10 are Converted Records."
Simple answer is essentially forever. Even if converted to digital they would be admissible as public documents....
What are my odds of beating my DUI/refusal charge?
I decided to go for a drive after work. I work evenings, so this was about midnight. I received a phone call, so I pulled over and was parked on a road I didn’t realized was closed at night. An officer approached my vehicle to inform me that the road was closed, and said he smelled alcohol coming from my car. He informed me I failed my field serbriety test and was being detained. It was dark and on uneven ground. Plus, he had me remove my glassses to shine the light in my eyes, but I wasn’t allowed to put them back on, and I have an astigmatism. I refused a breathalyzer, because I don’t trust them. I have a clean driving record and this would be my first dui.
You should contact an attorney. It is impossible, if not unethical, to predict the odds of beating a case in an on-...
I got a felony dui june 2010. How can I get my drivers license reistated?
I appealed my conviction and lost. Unfortanely I didn’t participate in Theraputic pace court. How can get my license back?
After 10 years you can petition for reinstatement. In the meantime, it would be a good idea to complete substance...
How do I retrieve an impounded truck I loaned for the day to my brother? I was not driving or a passenger.
Truck was loaned to brother, he was arrested Sat. for: Charge#1. DUI-2+ Priors, Charge#2. Felony refusal of Chem Test 2+Priors, Charge#3. Endanger Welfare Minor 1-DUI with child, Charge#4.Misc/Weapons3 - Felon in Possession, Charge#5.Drive without valid license. Was unaware of prior charges, no valid license. Brother was visiting from Oregon. Have contacted Alaska State Troopers (as they stopped him), City Attorney, Badger Towing where vehicle is stored at North Pole, Alaska, etc. to try to get vehicle back. Live 250 miles from Fairbanks, need truck for firewood and fuel hauling. Is there any change to get vehicle back? Do I need an attorney? Thank you.
That's a tricky question. If you contact the prosecutor and the defense lawyer they may both agree to the vehicle's...
What is the best way to approach a DUI/DUI refusal if you suffered head injuries in MVA and cannot remember declining any tests?
MVA in Waterford North Dakota and Police stated release on own due to injuries sustained in MVA> Driver does not remember anything due to multiple fractures in face/jaw and body. Was released by hospital as soon as Police released driver and he had to go to Montana for hospital attention and cannot remember any of the incident.
The very best approach is to hire the best DUI lawyer you can find.
How do I contact a public defender regarding my recent DUI arrest in Kenai?
I was arrested and charged with DUI and refusal. My bail was $1000 and I am unclear about whether I am being charged with a felony or not.
If you have been to court and had the Public Defender appointed, then you can just call their office and they will...
How do I get a driver's licence after felony dui
Got charged with a dui. Likely conviction.
Consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. Whether you are convicted or this charge will...