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Do police have to impound your vehicle?
Was arrested and released right away. They impounded my vehicle even after I told them my wife or son could be there in 5 minutes to get it. And it was parked legally, where it was. The tow bill was over $400 for towing it 2 blocks!
Yes, the police must act and do not need to accept your word that other arrangements might be made. Consider how many...
Can I get the charge of a DUI?
One of my neighbors took my car and met with an accident. He was drunk at that time. So who will be legally responsible?
There are 2 separate issues here, criminal and civil. DUI refers to a criminal act--you were not driving under the...
Will I be able to practice as a nurse with another drink drive and a child neglect charge?
Someone spiked my drink while I was out with my child and then rang the police to arrest me. Because I had my son with me I got charged with child neglect even tho I had no idea I had been spiked. Is my life falling apart? I finish my 3 years nursing in December. Can't believe this is happening to me. :-(
Round up your witnesses and whatever information you can so that you can prove or at least give enough information to...
Are statements any good in court when the wittiness was drunk and on drugs
I was at a party and a lad was being aggressive towards me and I left the party to go home and he followed me and tried to punch me and I hit him and he fell and banged his head and now I am charged with section 20 GBH but he has witnesses but they were drunk and on drugs
Any person with knowledge of events can testify to those events, unless the person is found to be mentally incompetent...
Can I cancel a police statement I've made when drunk?
I made a police statement whilst drunk and do not remember the incident at all. I tried to retract my statement the following day but it was too late. Also, I have been informed that the police will not take a statement from somebody drunk but I can assure you I was!! I remember the police man saying his mum got beaten up by his father and he hated men who disrespectful women so I think he may have taken the statement because of his personal beliefs and situations but now I am here and do not remember nothing from the incident or the statement I made
You are responsible for whatever you report to the police. The report can be amended to note your retraction, at the...
I stole an iPod. It was when I was drunk. What can I do?
The company's employees have a strong feeling that I had stolen because of the circumstances. But they don't have any evidence. The reason that they suspect is that I joined newly and this incidence never happened before. They sacked me for being tasted an alcohol while I was at work. They told me many times that they would report it to the police. But they don't have any evidence. What can I do? Police will believe them I know.
You need to speak with a criminal defense lawyer in a more confidential setting. Just admitting you commited a crime...
Plead guilty to reckless endangerment after being arrested for DUI
After pleading guilty, I was sentenced to a year in jail suspended and 2 years probation- i take weekly UA's and every one of them has come back as diluted. I called my doctor to find out what this meant and what causes it - he told me that being diabetic, its not uncommon to have this happen. Anyway, I had a show cause hearing where they revoked my being out on my own recognances, and gave me a $1000 bond. IF I have already been sentenced, then how is it that I can get a bond? and I thought if you violated probation, no money in the world could get you out rather you served the time set at the probation violation show cause hearing?
You should contact an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Washington to help you with this case. From...