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Is this some type of misconduct?
I received a 3rd dwi in metairie in may of 2011 and now I'm going for my final status update on jan 25th. The cop that arrested me quit the force and moved to another state. It took them 4 yrs to get him here to testify for motions. They have no clue where any video tape is and disregarded my testimony about being threatened by another cop that "If you don't blow, we going to strap you down and take your blood". So I was forced to blow. The judge is allowing my results. Here is the catcher. The judge asked the prosecutor some questions about a court date and he lied to the judge about the cop cooperating to come to court. This is by far the complete opposite. They had to threaten him with an attachment if he doesn't show. This was all said on record. This makes me question the tape. Where is it? Is that cop on there threatening me so they are hiding evidence?
The first part of your question deals with continuances and delays to trial. Unfortunately, unless you objected to any...
I want to move out of state and I am on bond here for a DUI, I have a lawyer and my case is next week. I need to move to Texas
I need to move to Texas to be with my kids as my ex husband is getting a divorce. My lawyer seems to be skirting the issue on me getting the court's permission for me to move. I don't understand why it is a big deal, should I switch lawyers? Does this sound like he doesn't know what he is doing???
It sounds like your lawyer knows what he is doing. What are the conditions of your bond? You will at least need to...
Can I be prosecuted even though I passed breathalyzer and no blood was drawn, along with no miranda rights read to me?
Officer pulled me over asked me if I was under the influence of anything I said yes. A muscle Relaxer taken after a long days work. No field sobriety test given, and the ticket I was given said the offices dashboard camera was off. Officer forced me to go to ER against my will since I have no insurance. Leaving the ER the officer cuffed me and threw me in his State police SUV, then he proceeded to conduct a violent search which involved slamming me against his car multiple times and tearing my clothes apart looking for drugs I suppose. I thought he was bringing me home but instead I arrived at county jail having never had read my miranda rights or told what I was being arrested for. I can't afford a lawyer but I can't let them get away with this one. I've never even had a speeding ticket
Miranda does not have to be read to you unless you are in custody and being interrogated, which does not sound like...
My friend got a 2nd dwi child endangerment and blow a .27 while she had 4 months left of probation for her first dwi
she was driving her kid to daycare and when she dropped her off 3 cops pulled up before she got back into her car . will it revoke her probation? she just checked herself into a rehabe facility
It should certainly result in a violation of probation. This should result in an arrest for the violation. She will...
I received a third dwi in New Orleans almost three years ago. Is there a statute of limitations on it, and, if so, how long?
New Orleans dropped their charges, the state has not contacted me or filed charges.
Louisiana law is different than many states. Get a consult with a local attorney.
I did 894 plea for a DWI last Wednesday. I was told I can go get my license back? Is that correct and what do I need to bring
I already paid to the court my $50.00 fine Fri for the Office of Motor Vehicles and start my 7 day house arrest tomorrow. All of my community service and classes are all set up. Do I need to go in or can I reinstate my license over the web or phone?
Contact the DMV by phone today to have them pull up your record and advise you on your options for getting reinstated.
Why do I have to appear in court in another state when I have an attorney?
I received a DUI in NC and live in LA. I live on Disability and am having real difficuties raising the money I will need for transportation, hotel room and court charges. I have a public defender in NC Why must I appear in court?
Unfortunately, not all jurisdictions allow an attorney to appear for you. If the PD says you need to be there follow...