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3rd dui in WI. Never went to jail, released from the hospital after blood draw. Now what
Drove off the road way, started to walk home. Someone called it in, cops picked me up half mile down the road. Took me to the hospital, did a blood draw and then released me to a responsible party. I never got a ticket and they gave me my licence back. Licence is still valid. Not sure what to do now or what is happening.
The first step is talk to either the attorney that represented you on your second DUI. He will be able to do the...
Got picked up 1st OWI, went to Court judge dismissed OWI but charge for the PAC. Is PAC the same as OWI charge?
My husband got picked up 1st OWI, the state attorney had the judge dismiss OWI but found guilty on the PAC becasue his bac was .16 he got it lowered to .15 but that didn't make any difference he still got the fines and IID required to be installed in car. So is the PAC the same as OWI meaning it stays on your record for years and is it charged the same way being on your driving record for insurance? Also if he would get picked up again would that be his 2nd owi or his 1st?
PAC is driving with a prohibited alcohol concerntration. Essentially it is one of two "drunk driving" variations, with...
How long can the state of Minnesota hold your driving privileges from a dwi incident?
I got a dwi charge back in 1991 in Minnesota, it was my 3rd alcohol related offense within 3 yes. I have held a Wisconsin drivers license since 1991 without any traffic violations.
Until you satisfy all reinstatement requirements with the MN DPS. Give them a call if you are unsure of what those...
How long does the police have after an accident to test you or draw blood for a DUI charge
I was involved in a one vehicle accident where I rolled my truck. I was taken to the hospital via ambulance. After several CT scans some shots and being on a backboard for approximately 4 hrs a police officer asked me to sign a consent form for a blood draw. Then came back with a DUI citation listing no back level on it. Stating that it would tack some time to get the results back. Is this standard? This I don't feel is right due t the time duration and does not say anything about the bac at the time of the accident
A test taken more than three hours after the time of driving is neither automatically admissible nor presumed to...
When an ankle bracelet is issued, do you have to stay in the same city it was issued?
My step daughter might get one for 2 DWI's. And i was wondering if she will have to stay in the same city it was issued?
This needs to be addressed by the court at the time of sentencing. She should be talking with an OWI defense lawyer...
Can I ever get my license back without having to get driving school or enter lacking ignition device
I got a DUI almost 5 years ago I have not reinstated my license because I am supposed to go to driving school and have a device put on my car for 12 months I cannot afford either one will there ever be a time that I can get a license without having to do this
No, you have to meet DMV minimum requirements.
Will I get my license suspended due to my 2nd Underage Drinking citation?
This past Friday I was in an automobile accident, my friend and I were both drinking. However, I was not driving and wasn't very intoxicated. The officer who reported to the scene breathalyzed me and wrote me a 400$ citation due to the fact that it was my second Underage within a years time. They didn't allow me to do the Option Program (where you can get your first underage off your record) on my first citation that was around November of 2015. But I looked at my record on Wisconsin court systems and it doesn't show anything of my underage drinking ticket. I don't remember if they took it off my record or what they said, but since it's not on there I would assume they did? And if so, this would only be considered my 1st offense then right? I just need to know what kind of situation I'm being put in, and if I need a lawyer or if I should worry about losing my license. My job is depending on having my License and I cannot lose it.
You posted this question twice. In my answer to your first post, I quoted the Wisconsin Statutes Section that applies....