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Can a 2002 conviction of a DWAI Alcohol VTL 1192 SUB 01 (in NY) be expunged? It shows up on my FBI report.
I was arrested in NY in 2002 and given a Charge 1 - NYSVTL 1192.2 Driving While Intoxicated. In 2002, the court convicted me of the following charge (I plead guilty): DWAI Alcohol VTL 1192 SUB 01 INFR. I want to verify: I was technically CONVICTED "Minor Traffic Infraction," correct? I do not have to indicate on job applications that I was convicted of a DWI, correct? And is there any way to get this expunged from my record? There is nothing else on my record. I now live in PA and know this is able to be done there. Sincere thanks.
DWAI is a traffic infraction not a crime. Nowhere does it say minor There is no expungement in New York except in very...
I was arrested in Nassau for a Dwi and blew a .21. My vehicle was seized and I was arrested. Is there a way to get my car back?
In April I went on a dinner date and had a few social drink. I didn't make a full stop at the stop sign and the cops pulled me over while dropping my date off. They asked me to do a breathalyzer test and I cooperated. I blew a .21 over the limit. I had a brand new leased car which was seized on the scene (still impounded) and I was arrested overnight. I took went away to rehab on my own. Recently obtained a conditional license. I have a Dwi charge 10.6 years ago on my records but with that one I refused the breathalyzer. Since it was that long ago it makes this second one I was told this second one won't be considered a felony.
Hire an attorney immediately to try and negotiate a settlement or fight the seizure. The fact that its a lease hurts...
In Nassau County, is a person's license suspended at the arraignment? If yes, can you request a conditional license?
Charges: - NYS V and T Law 6001A leaving/scene property damage acc - NYS V and T Law 1129A following too closely - NYS V and T Law 11923 driving while intoxicated - NYS V and T Law 11922 driving w/ .08 of 1% or more of alc. No damage to property, no accident report filed (that we know of) , absolutely no criminal or traffic record. State trooper showed up at person's house 20-30 minutes after the incident and forced her to take a breathalyzer after waking her up from a sound sleep.
Yes, the license generally gets suspended and yes, you can generally get a conditional license 30 days after the...
Can i petition the court for early release from device requirements if i have had the device for 9 months
i have a conditional discharge for 12 months and iid required.
Absolutely. NY VTL 1198 allows for removal after 6 months. You should speak with your attorney as to whether the length...
Is it possible to get my license back after 3 DWi in ny
I have 1 Dwai in 2007 and 2 Dwi in 2010 One of them I hit a telephone no body get hurt, and the one which is the third one I had my children with me. My license get revoked for 5 years now dmv told me my is up last December 24 I can re-apply for new but when when I called the say I might not get it back that's the only thing I have on my driving record or my period
Three or more DWI convictions (or refusals) within 10 years can result in permanent revocation. A waiver request is...
When would I need to retake my road test for a dwi conviction?
I was convicted of a dwi and on my breathalyzer test, I blew a .2. I now took a plea in which my full license will be revoked for a year. Would my license automatically be restored after a year assuming I don't violate probation and take the classes?
I suggest you review the information contained on the NYS DMV website at:
A friend is charged with felony drunk driving. How do I find out the status?
He's been out on bail. He's had a few court dates. Court date was yesterday. Webcrims listed it as "waived exam-held for grand jury" The case has disappeared from the search on webcrims.
It sounds like the case was waived to the Grand Jury. There will be no new date until the grand jury takes action or...