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Meridianville Crime

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  • Murder suspect shoots at officers on Michigan highway

    Monday Oct 16 | via Daily Mail 

    Dramatic moment a son, 23, wanted for the murder of his mom fires at cops who pulled him over in her stolen car on a Michigan highway Harbin is the number one suspect in the murder of his mother Jana Harbin, 54, who was found dead September 6 inside her home in Meridianville, Alabama Harbin pleaded guilty October 6 to two counts of assault with intent to murder and one count of felony firearm in relation to the shootout Landon Harbin, 24, was arrested on September 8 after he exchanged gunfire with a Michigan State Police trooper and a Van Buren County Sheriff's deputy on the shoulder of I-94, according to MLive . Jana Harbin, 54, was found dead September 6 inside her home in Meridianville, Alabama.


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  • Madison County matricide suspect charged with attemp...

    Sep 11, 2017 | via WAFF-TV Huntsville 

    A man wanted in Madison County for allegedly killing his mother is also facing charges in Michigan where he was captured last week. Landon Lee Harbin, 23, is suspected of shooting and killing his mother, 54-year-old Jana Harbin, at her Meridianville home on Sept.


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Meridianville Law

Why do I have to screen for first dui for 12months?
I was driving pulled over and given a dui test failed
Have you been to court? Did you plea guilty? Was this agreement part of a deferred prosecution ?
Can I fight my probation officer demand that I go into an inpatient drug treatment facility. Im on probation for fraud of cc
I admitted that I used an illegal drug to my PO and I failed a urine analysis at a later date. I have no job, no money, no assets to pay for treatment.she is unwilling to discuss outpatient treatment. Im guilty of fraudulent use of a cc. Not a drug charge
Yes, you could conceivably fight this, but it's an uphill battle. If you had an attorney helping you with this case,...
How do you transfer DUI probation from florida to alabama and does it cost much?
Asking because my son is on probation for dui and cant find a job. If he transfers here he would have a job and place to live.
It's possible but very difficult and lawyers won't know the costs. Speak to probation.
Can my ins company cancel my insurance from a DUI from 2.5 yrs ago? It has renewed twice since that incident.
Good evening, I have had auto & Home ins with AAA since early 2011. Ive never missed a payment or has my policy lapsed for any reason. I get a call today that they will NOT be renewing our auto ins due to a DUI I got in April of 2015. It has renewed twice since this! How can they do this now? I cant afford to lose my ins and have to spend countless hours trying to get a deal when if this is the case they should have not renewed me in Oct 2015 or 2016. Please advise. Call me anytime during 9 am to 3 pm because I work nights for the next 10 days. Thank you
Unfortunately, your insurance company may cancel your policy based on this DUI., as it is not required to renew your...
Is there enough to convict BUI?
I was pulled over for driving at night and not having my stern light visible from 360. That's a lie though - it was on and sits on top of my waketower. The officer even stated that he couldn't see it good enough, which tells me he really could see it. This is a light that's been installed by the manufacturer, so I know it's a 100% legal setup. So to me, that makes the whole stop illegal, violating my fourth ammendment rights, and a fishing expedition for the police. I was asked to recite the alphabet, which I did, then asked to do a breathalyzer, which I refused. I also refused it at the station. Blood or urine was not collected either. So there's nothing indicating I was over the legal limit. I did acknowledge drinking a few beers earlier in the day, but no timeline or quantity was discussed. I will definitely hire an attorney, but does the DA even have a case?
Newsflash: You have NO 4th Amendment right on the water (none). The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is...
How do District attorney meetings work?
I'll be going to meet with the DA soon and have been clean for almost a month but I'm scared I could still fail a drug test and I don't wanna hurt my case. Do District attorneys have the power to drug test or only at the judge and court officials discretion? Thanks for taking the time to read.
Why are you meeting with DA? Hire an attorney. You normally don't meet with DA in criminal case.
Is there anyway to have a reckless driving offense in Alabama sealed away either by time or petition.
I would love to become a law enforcement agent, in my current state of Indiana, but I'm afraid a reckless driving offense (Fine only) I had when I was young and stupid in Alabama could interfere with it. Is there anyway to have it not impact my future goals? And would a police department turn me down for a "previous life" offense?
There is no "sealing" of court records, unless the defendant was adjudicated a Youthful Offender. In that instance, the...