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I sometimes sit in court and hear these terms.
In California, the different stages means the length of the program. You'll have to speak to a DUI atty in CT to know...
I am asking on behalf of my boyfriend who has no criminal record & hislicence has never been suspended. he was pulled over after taking a tight corner squeeling his tires, but was not speeding & the light was green. he was given a field sobriety test @ aprox.11:00pm & arrested. he had only 2 drinks, the last of which was at around 8pm, & thought he did fine. His car was left unattended with the windows down until it was towed, I was told to leave the windows down and just take his house key. his bac according to the breathalyser was .12. he was not fingerprinted & his photo wasnt taken. He was released to me without bail @ 12:30am. Is there anything we can do?
He needs an experienced DUI attorney. Avvo is a good place to start looking. There is a lot riding on this, and he...
i was in jail on 2nd dui when the 3rd dui court date came up..i told the courts that i had another court date ..they said they would notify the other court that i was in lock up did my 10 days and every thing out of jail,,,no cops came to my house no letters form courts on 3rd dui,,so i assumed that it had been dropped ,,, i quit drinking after the 10 days in jail havent drink since 94,,,never needed my license so i never called the courts to find out...well its been 19 years now ..i need my license for a job...i called the courts 2 yeras ago they said the case was closed .and i had to pay to reopen,,will i go to jail on this,,,
It is difficult to answer this question as more specific information is needed. How that third DUI resolved is an...
I was arrested 9 years ago for a dui. I willfully agreed to a breathalyzer but after being brought in the request was changed to a urine after not being able to smell alcohol on me. I reused and against my better judgment plead out. I was arrested again for an actual DUI 1 month before my probation was over and apparently charged/convicted as a first time double offender. About 6 months ago I got another DUI. Is this the second or third conviction? I've gotten conflicting answers and for some reason it seems to be a gray area. Also is jail time mandatory as I'm a single parent and have no idea what I could do with my kids.
Your situation is serious, given the mandatory minimum you are almost certainly facing as either a second or third...
I was sent to prison for 2DWI.The habeas attorney petitioned I was denied my right to effective assistance of trial counsel in both cases,denied right to testify, in the guilty pleas was not knowingly and voluntarily made,failure to advise me of my right to testify and usurping the decision.Failure to ensure trail court canvassed me failing to advise me of constitutional rights by pleading guilty and the elements of the min and max penalties of the plea.
We can't tell you that on this site. That is a decision you need to make for yourself after consulting with an...
I got a public defender but i was wondering if i should get a private attorney when i got caught driving with a suspended license i was driving to my alcohol education program that is mandatory for me to go to and i couldnt find a ride. the accident i got into was not my fault and there was minimum damage to both of our cars. I also thought i had a work permit to be driving because the dmv cashed my 100 dollar check and contacted my manager to verify the times i work. I am a full time student in college and if i have to go to prison for 30 days i will loose a whole semester of school
I suggest you look at the statute. Under the statute, you have a mandatory jail time. This is a very expensive lesson...
I got a 500 dollar fine 100 hrs community service and had to go to some classes.
You need to consult with a lawyer that practices administrative law in CT. An administrative lawyer would know the answer.