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I need help with a Dui case from April 2000, Does your company handle such cases?
I am a U.S Navy veteran that had serious problems with alcohol. I have completed a 4 month program with the Veterans Administration, my problem is I have a 16 year old dui case that needs to be resolved in Ct. Please keep in mind I am not in Ct, and don't have a substantial amount of money.
Well I'm pleased that you're in treatment and I sincerely hope you maintain your sobriety. Why is it still pending 16...
DUI assessment for drunk driving classes in CT?
I was arrested in NY for DUI and convicted. I live in CT. The NY judge has allowed for me to take the DDP classes in CT but I have to go for an assessment/evaluation to even get in the classes. Will I have to take a drug test during this evaluation/assessment?
That depends on the police report. Were you arrested for alcohol or drugs. If it was alcohol they will give you a...
My husband has been arrested for DUI and driving with a suspended license. What's his chances and lawyer fees
My husband was arrested for DUI and driving with a suspended license. He needs an attorney,what the fee estimates and defense options or chances.
Asking what his chances are is the equivalent of calling a doctor, tell him what your temperature is and asking him...
What is the best way to fight an OUI & reckless driving charge? Can I prevent jail time & my licence from being suspended?
I am asking on behalf of my boyfriend who has no criminal record & hislicence has never been suspended. he was pulled over after taking a tight corner squeeling his tires, but was not speeding & the light was green. he was given a field sobriety test @ aprox.11:00pm & arrested. he had only 2 drinks, the last of which was at around 8pm, & thought he did fine. His car was left unattended with the windows down until it was towed, I was told to leave the windows down and just take his house key. his bac according to the breathalyser was .12. he was not fingerprinted & his photo wasnt taken. He was released to me without bail @ 12:30am. Is there anything we can do?
He needs an experienced DUI attorney. Avvo is a good place to start looking. There is a lot riding on this, and he...
A judge contacted me to inform me I can appeal my DWI case by July 11,2012.I lost my HabeasCorpus.Should I pursue it.
I was sent to prison for 2DWI.The habeas attorney petitioned I was denied my right to effective assistance of trial counsel in both cases,denied right to testify, in the guilty pleas was not knowingly and voluntarily made,failure to advise me of my right to testify and usurping the decision.Failure to ensure trail court canvassed me failing to advise me of constitutional rights by pleading guilty and the elements of the min and max penalties of the plea.
We can't tell you that on this site. That is a decision you need to make for yourself after consulting with an...
If you get arrested for driving with a suspended license because of a DUI in CT what are the chances that you dont go to prison
I got a public defender but i was wondering if i should get a private attorney when i got caught driving with a suspended license i was driving to my alcohol education program that is mandatory for me to go to and i couldnt find a ride. the accident i got into was not my fault and there was minimum damage to both of our cars. I also thought i had a work permit to be driving because the dmv cashed my 100 dollar check and contacted my manager to verify the times i work. I am a full time student in college and if i have to go to prison for 30 days i will loose a whole semester of school
I suggest you look at the statute. Under the statute, you have a mandatory jail time. This is a very expensive lesson...
Will this DUI charge stick as I was home and nowhere near my vehicle when police came?
So here's my situation, I hit a parked car right by my home and left it parked in a lot next to where I live. I was home for about 20 min or so (washed up) when Police came and brought me out to my car. The Officer asked if I had been drinking to which I replied "I was drinking at home" the Officer then did his sobriety test and proceeded to place me under arrest (no Miranda rights until I was already at the station.) The Officer stated that he called malarkey because it takes 30 min for alcohol to be absorbed by the body and that my eyes were glossy?? Anyway, I refused breathalyzer & blood work. When I obtained my Police report alot of areas were literally whited out and said I was only being charged with evading. Then when I went to court the prosecutor had a totally different report charging me for possesion of marijuana (under legal limit CT), evading, failure to maintain lane, and DUI
This is not TV drama. This is real life. "will the charges stick" is a question only asked in a fictional show by a...