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Can I get my DL back after 10 years from d.u.i suspension in CA?
7 years since my arrest for a D.U.I paid all fees & attended the 3month program that judge asked. But DMV wants 6month program! There was a clerical mistake at court. Took classes in 2011 is it still valid?
You should go back to court and have them correct the clerical error and send a new "abstract" to the DMV with the...
What will happen if it had already passed my 10 hearing? What will that result in? And testify?
I am 20 years old, and I got arrested for DUI. It has already past my 10 day hearing. I just felt like my case I wasn't completely guilty nor innocent. During my arrest, the officer said she "suspected" me of intoxication, but when she had pulled me over she said I made a wrong u-turn. But where I had made the u-turn there was no sign that state no u-turn. When I was asked to step she automatically test to see if I was drunk. I did drink a few but I still remembered that night well. She gave me the soberity tests and I'm sure I passed all, I'm sure she knows that I passed it all but she still arrested me only because she "suspected" me of intoxication. After the arrest, then she breathalyzer me; which was .15 So what will testifying do? What will this result in? Thank you in advanced.
Prepare for a one-year license suspension among other things. Doubtful your testimony would help in any regard. You...
Does a juvenile DUI disqualify me from getting accepted into the Sheriff Trainee Academy?
I got a DUI as a juvenile and was wondering if that will disqualify me from getting into the Sheriff Trainee Academy. I received an invitation to do the physical and possibly the written if I pass the physical. The DUI I got when I was a juvenile is the only thing I have on my record; adult wise, my record is clean.
There is no per se disqualification. You should have ample time in between the offense and proof of rehabilitation. It...
I have a felony PC 236 and a DUI, can I still become a nurse after expunding it?
I have a felony PC 236 and a DUI. I am able to expunge it after I pay off my resitution. I was never arrested for my my Felony PC 236 (false imprisonment) or did anytime. I was put on 3 probation which I have competed it already. Do I still have a chance to be a nurse after expungement?
The board of registered nursing (BRN) is very tough. A DUI conviction alone is problematic let alone any felony...
Can my dr do this?
my dr drop me because I tested positive for amphetamine. the reason for the positive test is because she perscribe me medication that is amphetamine. I showed up for a visit and was told the dr wouldn't treat me for pain management anymore because I tested positive for amphetamine when I pointed out that of course I did because she gives me monthly prescription that actually say amphetamine 30 mg take 2 a day is the reason I was told that this is what the dr said and that if I wanted my medication for another month I would have to sign a paper saying I'm aware she will not treat me anymore.. is this legal? I tried to see other Dr after this happen and they all refuse to see me because there saying this is the drs mess and she needs to fix it before they will treat me.
Not sure this is a legal question, nor a criminal DUI question. Taking Rx that doctor gives you is not illegal and...
Can you get a DUI expunged from your record while serving another probation?
I have now two DUIs. I just recently got my second one, wasn't alcohol related but with a controlled substance. I am still on probation from my previous one back in 2012. But that one will end this year in November. Can I have the first DUI taken off my record? Even tho I'm now I'm probation for another? I am in school and I'm worried that when I apply for my nursing program I won't be able to get in.
It is unlikely any court would grant you relief under 1203.4. You apparently violated probation with a new offense the...
How do i stay out of jail on my 5th dui?
I just got my fifth dui. It was my first in over 9 years. 1 was in Hawaii. I also was already punished for the other dui by fines and classes. Which I did complete. I am going into my last semester at school to get my bachelors degree. I can not afford to go to jail. Since i was punished for the other dui's, are they still going to hold these against me? What's my best option for staying out of jail?
There are a lot of unanswered questions here. Was your last DUI a felony (4th)? This one would be a felony also then....