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DUI and jobs
How soon does an employer find out about a DUI. No court or arraignment dates have been set but dmv hearing is coming up. 23,accident with minor injury to my passenger.he left the scene with parents and said he was ok with a swoll eye. still got booked for bodily injury and blowing .092. Pretty much don't believe I can be saved after reading a small percentage of people win their hearings. Can the dmv prevent you from getting another job even though they are not the criminal side? And how soon does the dmv notify my current job if I lose hearing?(just my luck the officer was already at the scene when it happened so had probable cause) Any advice helps thanks
Why would the DMV notify anybody? What type of job do you have??
DUI police report
DUI with accident the police report says I blew .092% and blood test says .10%. Dmv phone hearing is in 19 days and still haven't had arraignment for court yet. The attorney who I talked to pretty much said my only hope is that there is a mistake in the paperwork. really don't have much money right now and he wants to charge $9000 to do the whole case. Another attorney I talked to said he can do the dmv hearing for a certain price and handle the court case for more. Should I even waste my time with the dmv hearing it sounds like my chances are slim to win I believe he said a 16% chance
There are many different factors that if present could help you in your case, mistakes in the paperwork is just one....
I have a 18 yr old mid adult who was arrested for a vc23152(A) & (B). She was cite released and court came and it said EFILE DA
EFILE DA INTERFACE ENTRY? What will the outcome be? and what will happened to her license and the fees? someone please help a frustrated Mother..
Does the paperwork she received give her a court date and time? It appears the 18 year old was charged with a DUI. It...
Car accident, DUI charge, no booking, FST passed with flying colors.
Drove 4 Miles before losing control on a turn (speeding) and crashing into a tall side walk. police then arrived and performed FST, passed it with flying colors. was not impaired at all, read him my DL number, address, SSN everything without a slur.. although i did blow high. .174 had only 5 beers with 6% ALC each. BAC level rises, can i prove that at the time of me driving...i was not at this level? if my driving conditions were never observed. I've heard drinking and driving is not illegal, it is illegal to be impaired while driving. This cannot be proven without facts correct, or does BAC automatically make me "impaired".
Your BAC is twice the legal limit. That IS considered impairment and there's no possible way you passed the FSTs "with...
DUI charges, never seen behind the wheel. No booking. Can i fight this? Rancho Cucamonga Court, happened in Fontana.
I was in a single car accident, no injuries or property damages. When police arrived I was outside the vehicle on passenger side (keys stuck in ignition). No booking at all. BAC .174 I am 5'9 245lbs, officer told my friend that picked me up "he is lucky it isn't a bad DUI". Bad DUIi? i missed the 10 day DMV heaving due to my eye being hurt and treated.
I am missing many key informations. Did the police perform a field sobriety test? Did they give you a citation to...
I got a DUI 12 years ago. I never took the required DUI classes. Will I get jail get jail time if I go before a judge?
I got a DUI 12 years ago. I never took the required DUI classes or finished my community service, which was 90 days. Will I get jail get jail time if I go before a judge? I contacted the county court office and got a court date. I am worried I will be taken into custody. I am a single parent and don't know what to do with my daughter if that happens. I do not have money for a lawyer.
There should not be a problem but why are you going to court anyway... probation violation? Warrant ? If so yes you...
Can my son be arrested for DUI after vehicle accident even if blood test does not show anything? It's been two months already.
My son was involved in a car accident and the car was totaled. His friend, a passenger with him, was slightly injured but going to be okay. My son, nor his friend, can remember what happened. They had gone to a bar with friends and my son said he only had two drinks. It was late at night by the time they left the bar to drive home. My son thinks he might have fallen asleep. The police report says he sped through a red light, lost control of the car, and caused damage to a house before slamming into a tree. His blood test has come back (results unknown) but no arrest yet. He and all of his friends have been questioned by the police but the detective thinks they are not telling him the whole story. Can my son be arrested for DUI or something else even if the blood test is negative?
If the blood test comes back negative for alcohol or drugs, then he can't be charged for a DUI. However, he can still...