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Menomonee Falls Crime

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  • Police Reports: July 16, 2015

    Monday Jul 13 | via Menomonee Falls 

    The victim identified the suspect, a 19-year-old woman, and police are following up. 2Two 17-year-old girls were cited for shoplifting $580 worth of clothing and merchandise at Kohl's, N95 W18000 Appleton Ave., at about 11:15 a.m. July 1. The girls were also taken into custody after it was discovered they shoplifted $348 worth of merchandise at the Menomonee Falls Target on June 23, and took part in shoplifting merchandise at JC Penney and Cabela's in Richfield.


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  • Wauwatosa police say woman was dragged across parkin...

    Jun 16, 2015 | via 

    In the first instance, a 78-year-old woman was approached in the parking lot after leaving Walgreen's, 10800 W. Capitol Drive, shortly before 3 p.m. June 20. According to police, a suspect grabbed the woman's purse and dragged her across the parking lot to force her to let go of the purse. The woman sustained several non-life-threatening injuries.


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Menomonee Falls Law

Can I get a breathalyzer removed from my car early due to asthma issues?
I have significant asthma and the breathalyzer doesn't always read correctly forcing me to try again while my car is going haywire. The DMV's view on the issue is "well if you have asthma you shouldn't drive". I have had this torture device in my car for 6 months and it is only getting harder to do. Every time I take my car in for calibration they tell me that the device can just mess up sometimes, but as long as it is not reading a fault or error code they can't do anything about it.
Just having asthma isn't likely to get you a hardship exemption. If your doctor is willing to testify that your poor...
I have 4 dwis and felony fleeing from 6 years ago. I wanted to know if its possible to get my bartending license
Will it be frowned upon or do i have a chance to be hired
You can bartend in Colorado without a license.
How does one being transferring probation to Wisconsin?
We would like to transfer probation from Hamilton county, IN to Waukesha county, WI. Where do we start? Then what?
your agent needs to request an interstate transfer. Which is done at their discretion depending on your reasons......
Can i get my C.D.L after two dui's the first one was 10 years ago and second one was 5 years ago
i need to obtain a cdl for anew job but i have to dui's
Federal law says NO. All states must comply with federal law. A second lifetime DUI disqualifies you for LIFE. This...
I was charged with my 5th DUI but I only have 3 previous, Can I beat the case or can the state amend the charges.
I was charged with my 5th DUI (feloney) but I only have 3 previous. Can I beat the charge or can the State amend the charges.
Your attorney (I hope you have one) will be able to get the prosecutor to amend the complaint to 4th dui if what you...
Is penalty for chemical test refusal concurrent or consecutive to OWI (2nd)
I never refused chemical test. In fact i asked for it.
How recently were you arrested for OWI? There is a very short time limit in which to file to contest a refusal. You...
When do I have to enter a final plea for OWI.
I have first court date (not intake) very soon. I have not seen all of the evidence against me yet nor have I been advised of the potential penalties. Will I have to enter a final plea at the upcoming court date. Its is labeled as "Hearing". Nothing else. Very confusing.
It depends. Sometimes you're able to resolve a first offense at the initial appearance. If this is a second or...