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DMV require me to do a 9 month program even though the judge and the court said I only needed to do 3?
Sometime the prosecution stipulates to a BAC below .20. If you had an attorney, I would start with a telephone call to...
I currently have a job with the county. I am looking for a new job in a different county. I do meet the qualifications for the job, but I got a DUI misdemenor back in july of 2010. The job I applied for is county, but is located at the jail. would employment be possible?
DUIs are usually not considered crimes that would prevent employment. But this is a county by county basis. Call...
i was just recently arrested in california for a dui, but 2 priors in florida. will they count against me here?
If the prior convictions from Florida occurred within the last ten years and the prosecutors learn of their existence...
I had previously gotten a DWAI in NY 8 years ago. It was a plea bargain down from a DWI. Recently (a week ago) I got arrested for a DWI. Will the state of California regard this as a second offense or a first offense? (Please note that in NY DWAI is only an infraction.)
IN NY DWAI,driving while impaired by alcohol, is a lesser offense than a DWI, generally reserved for those with a BAC...
I've been trying to get my license back but my insurance is too high because of the DUI on my driving record. Thankfully, I was a minor when it happned and I have completed all probation/tasks so I can get my record sealed. When I get it sealed will it also be off my driving record so that my insurance isn't as high? Thanks
Should be. That's what "sealed" means. Law enforcement should still be able to find it, however.
My temporary driver's license I received after DUI charge expires on April 6th, but my court date is this week. I understand that after a DUI conviction in court, they will contact the DMV and the suspension will start. My question is, can I drive to/from the court appearance with the temporary license? How long after the court conviction will the suspension start?
You can drive to and from court this week on the temporary license. If you are convicted of DUI, which is...
I received informal probation from a DUI in 2010. It is set to end this year in July. This morning I received a citation for driving in the carpool lane. I am curious to see if this will affect my probation and if it will effect me negatively in any way.
Most traffic infractions cannot be used to violate probation. If you're on DUI probation, there are some important...