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Is a DUI defense attorney supposed to mention insurance in court?
We hired an attorney to represent our 19 year old son in a DUI case. The victim had claimed over $15,000.00 in auto damages in Aug. 2016 (it was parked at night, no medical issues) but we had full auto coverage to pay all expenses. The lawyer didn't mention to the court (in Jan. 2017) that insurance would pay; and so my son walked out with over $15,000 restitution ordered plus an additional 2625.00 in fees. The victims insurance had paid the victim fully 4 months prior. The police nor the DA's office would give us any of the victims information and it was only after the court judgement that our lawyer would give it to us to give to our insurance company. I had to go to court twice to prove it was paid but I don't think the restitution judgement or the 15% added fees should even be on the books since the victim was not out one dime. Did the lawyer do his due diligence? How do I get this removed from the record?
If your insurance pays the judgement then they will obtain a document called Acknowledgement of Satisfaction of...
I was arrested for a DUI but did not intentionally or knowingly consume alcohol prior to driving. I had what I thought was orang
I was arrested for a DUI but did not intentionally or knowingly consume alcohol prior to driving. I had what I thought was orange juice that may have actually contained champagne. What do I do? What kind of evidence do I need to present in court? Do I need witnesses to testify that I did not know this? I was at work and a work event prior to the arrest, driving straight from work to home. I prefer not to involve my coworkers in this as it would impact my career.
You need to arrange a consultation with a criminal defense attorney. Many attorneys offer free consultations and you...
I'm in California. Was convicted of DUI in court and received 3 month level 1 dui school even though my BAC was .22. Will the
DMV require me to do a 9 month program even though the judge and the court said I only needed to do 3?
Sometime the prosecution stipulates to a BAC below .20. If you had an attorney, I would start with a telephone call to...
I had previously gotten a DWAI in NY. Would a DUI in California be counted as my second offense?
I had previously gotten a DWAI in NY 8 years ago. It was a plea bargain down from a DWI. Recently (a week ago) I got arrested for a DWI. Will the state of California regard this as a second offense or a first offense? (Please note that in NY DWAI is only an infraction.)
IN NY DWAI,driving while impaired by alcohol, is a lesser offense than a DWI, generally reserved for those with a BAC...
Does a d.u.i conviction in florida count as a prior in california
i was just recently arrested in california for a dui, but 2 priors in florida. will they count against me here?
If the prior convictions from Florida occurred within the last ten years and the prosecutors learn of their existence...
How does a PC 1385 affect occupational licensing ?
I have an HS11378 charge that will be dismissed via PC 1385 upon completion of probation in a few months as per my plea deal. I was denied a vehicle sales persons license as a result of this charge, and i am currently waiting a hearing to appeal this. If i choose to forego the hearing and re-apply for a license, when asked if I have ever been convicted of a felony, can I say "no" with the 1385? my concern is if it shows up (or if they remember i previously applied with the felony) because of their knowledge of its existence, they will say I answered dishonestly and deny me as a result of that.
Unclear. You should probably disclose and explain because they'll see it either way and questions may arise.
I finished drinking at my house, then was a passenger in my car for about three hours. Then i drove for an hour, at least?
My car was essentially hi-jacked, so I had to go along because my ex-boyfriend was intent on driving himself home. That took almost two hours; then he jumped out and left the vehicle. It wasn't safe for me to stay there, so I started to drive home. Drove from Copperopolis to Dublin, California.
That doesn't sound like the wisest decision, but who am I to judge? So, did you have a question for us to answer?