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I was charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia in New Jersey. Will I be drug tested on my court date?
And what are the standard charges an 18 year old who has never gotten in any trouble ever will receive.
Generally your not tested in court, the test will come after any conviction. As for penalties up to 180 days in jail...
I received a bench warrant and plan to pay the fee for DWI, What happens next?
I got charged for DWI, also I didn't even get the letter to come to court due to the fact that they had the wrong address. I have court this month and my public defender is not contacting me back at all.
Answer: If you are planning on pleading guilty to DWI, depending on the number of DWI convictions you have had in the...
Was pulled over for DUI, passed test at the station (.028) but when the cops moved my car they found a bowl.
I was pulled over for suspicion of DUI, refused the test but passed at the station. The cops moved my car after I asked them not to and when doing so found a bowl. After I passed the breathalyzer at the station (.028) they drove me back to my car so I could drive home. I know Johns law applies but can I get out of the drug offense?
A lot more information is needed, but yes it is possible to successfully defend this charge. Were you charged with more...
Am i going to be charged with dui later on?
I was waiting for a tow truck on the side of road after my car became disabled police came and took me to statio. After i got to the station i was given a breathalyzer test which was 0.00. After that a drug evaluator deemed me to be not under the influence of drugs. But after that i gave a urine sample. I was given a ticket for obstructing traffic and allowed to be picked up. Now after leaving i remembered that i had taken 1 mg of xanax about 55 hours ago. Will i be charged for dui later?
Even if the Xanax shows up in your urine, which I highly doubt, only possibly. There is no driving behavior that shows...
If employment application asks if you have ever been convicted or declared nolo contendre to ANY crime in NJ, does DUI count?
i understood it to be a motion vehicle violation, and therefore think the answer is no, but also a second question is say the violation was 2005, but the sentence was 2008, if we are in 2017 when do you count, ie is it more or less than ten years ago. I want to be full disclosure, but don't think I should volunteer things not being specifically asked.
DUI is a traffic violation, not a crime in NJ, so I would say no it doesn't count. However, people should always be...
If a new jersey job application asks for any nolo contendre to any crime, does a DUI count?
even if the technical answer is no, is there a reason to volunteer an answer..
In New Jersey, DUI is not a crime. It's a motor vehicle offense. Therefore, DUI does not count with regard to this...
Can I get dwi charges reduced even drop?
Got clean record, no violantion, I'm a mom of three. Friday husband stayed home. I went for girls dinner. I had a few drinks. Now I got a dwi. Gave me refusal for breathylizer but that's not true the report show 7 attends with failure the machine was not working properly. Any chances of less charges or even drop? Thank you.
You have both a DWI and a refusal. It is illegal in NJ to plea bargain a DWI so expect to hire a lawyer to see how to...