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What are the consequences for an underaged drinking citation as a passenger in the car?
My friend got pulled over and got charged with a DUI. I was a passenger in the back seat and got a citation for underaged drinking. There was no alcohol present in the car.
Depends on the defendan't s criminal history. Contact a local criminal defense attorney aSAP.
How do I know my citation carries a license suspension
I got a citation today in the mail for "purchase etc alcoholic beverage by a minor" and it carries a fine of $304, but does not mention whether or not my license will be suspended. How do I know before I plead guilty? Also for context, I was caught walking down the street holding an open beer and blew a .00.
If you are under 21 and were carrying an open container of alcohol that is a violation. It also carries a license...
Officer made me blow 3 times and he never got a reading after arresting me, did blood work, what now?
So I was pulled over and arrested for suspicion of DUI. I did the Field Sobriety tests (had my heel like shoes on, and there was a lot of gravel) and after doing the 9-step test, was arrested. Cuffed and in the back of the car, he attempted to breathalyzer test me 3 times, saying I wasn't blowing hard enough, then after the 3rd, said "Alright we're going to the hospital for blood testing". At the hospital I informed them of my fainting issue, and they gave me water and an ice pack and let me lay down before drawing blood. They then drew blood. This was Saturday night/Sunday morning on October 8th, 2017. What should I do now? If no breathalyzer reading was made, is beating the blood test the best bet? Due to your BAC level rising the longer you wait after your first drink?
What should you do now??? You have asked a number of questions. However, the answers will not be found on the...
Going to court tomorrow, ARD, prescript med. attorney told me already that judge will take my license. Is there any exemptions?
Accepted ARD as there is no other to take... was taking prescription med for an ear infection. Have done all of the ARD requirements, and attorney said that judge will take license tomorrow. Are there any exceptions, especially in cases like this?
If you have an attorney the question is better posed to him because that’s what you were paying him for. Any suspension...
How long is a minor's license suspended if charged with Purch Alcoh? Would community service be an option?
I received a letter and was charged with 6308 Purch Etc Alcoh Bev By A Minor. However, I wasn't even trying to purchase any alcohol.
There is no suspension if you're charged, however if you're convicted it's a 90-day suspension. It's an important...
Fight Incapable of Safe Driving charge in hopes of getting the charge dismissed or plead guilty so ARD will remove from record?
Months after I was in a car accident I was charged with Incapbable of Safe Driving. I was extremely tired and rolled my car. Earlier in the night (HOURS earlier) I had two drinks. The respnodiing officer asked me if I had been drinking, and I said yes, and told him that I had two drinks, and gave him my exact drink order. He preformed a HGN test, which the police report says a I failed. However, after that field sobriety test I was taken to the hospital. I was not given a breathalyzer, and a blood test was not ordered. The paperwork I received states that I was off balance, and that I was sluggish while trying to collect my belongings (I had no shoes on, they fell off before I got out of my vehicle, and I am sure I was slow to get my belongings due to fact my car was upside down combined with the fact that I was in shock and hysterical from the crash itself). If getting the charge dismissed is not likely, then is attaining a public defender and pleading guilty a risk? My biggest concern is I do not want the charge on my record (along with fines), and if I fight the charge and get convicted, the ARD class that would take it off my record is off the table.
Stop making a confession and broadcasting it over the internet. Do not post again on this or any other public site....
How can a dui misdemeanor with unsupervised probation when transferred to pa become parole. ?
friend convicted of dui misdemeanor with unsupervised probation in Delaware. when it was transferred to pa, the state rated it 'parole' with in house arrest {must be home from 7pm to 7 am every day}. why???
This is NOT a question involving federal law. It appears that you or your friend have mis-understood the precise...