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TN drivers license suspended after refusal to take breathaliser in MS. Court date pending. Can I get replacement license from TN
My TN drivers license was taken and suspended in MS after I refused to take a breathaliser. The court date is pending. Can I apply for a replacement license in TN while waiting for the hearing
Tennessee and Mississippi are part of an interstate compact on driving privileges. When a TN driver is suspended in...
What kind of drug test do they give in court?
This is my first time offense I have a misdemeanor drug charge and I have to pass a drug test.
Defendants are not usually give drug tests unless they are on probation. It['s unlikely you would be given a drug test...
Can I get my license reinstated, from a dui,if I file chapter 13 bankruptcy?
My car was repossessed&my license are revoked due to dui.
If your license is suspended due to the DUI and is still in active revocation (meaning your DL was suspended for 11...
If a drunk driver hit my house and car?
He was driving a vehicle with dealer tags, cant we sue the dealership for letting him drive off the lot with no insurance or drivers license? We have no insurance either.
More facts are needed to evaluate. See prior answer. I understand the driver was drunk. Did the dealership know the...
Will they do a urine test the day of court? How likely is a hair test?
So I made a mistake while I was pregnant . I'm a recovering addict ND was clean my whole pregnancy till the father told me to kill myself. I snapped did heroin and not more than a week later gave birth. The baby was not in withdrawal ! My daughter was treated as a drug baby at first though assuming I was lying on my usage (which I understand ) but I was not. I put myself in an intensive outpatient rehab and graduatd after 10 weeks. Which i have all the documentation of my urine being clean every time i was tested !Any way DCS ofcourse got involved. And I took parenting classes and graduated. My parents have non custodial temporary custody granted to them. At our first court date ! Where I expected the judge to see everything I hAve done and drug test me! That didn't happen.. anyway I have a public defender who isn't very invested in me . Anyway I need some insight and an answer will they urine drug test me At the court? So I can get custody! And this all be over....
It is possible for them to drug test you, however, if you're wanting to be drug tested to show that you are not using...
Were DUI'S considered misdemeanors or 'traffic violations' in 1991 & 1992?
I have never checked 'yes' for the question :Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony? I have been a nurse for 20 years. This week I had a job offer withdrawn because my background check showed 2 DUI'S (as misdemeanors) from 1991 & 1992.
You need a lawyer to look into this for you. Not only is it extraordinary for DUI charges from 20+ year ago to be held...
How long is the hold time on a hit and run? If I've already been booked for dui and wreckless driving on the same day?
I was involved in a hit and run and just found out about but I also have a pending dui and wreckless driving charges I have an attorney and have told him about he said I should be booked and released will this revoke my bond
Maybe. Depends on the judge and how severe the circumstances.