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What can I do about the Court appointed Public Defender that didn't give me the representation I needed?
I was released from Prison on 11/2/15 and was 8 months pregnant. I failed a drug screen for Meth with Probation. My baby was born on 1/20/2016 and the hospital did all the drug screening on the baby's Meconium and also cord blood and no drugs were found -NONE and my drug screen was also negitive. Why doesn't the PD want to help me? My probation has been violated because of this but nobody wants hear about the Negative drug screens for my self and my baby!! What can I do?
What can I do about the Court appointed Public Defender that didn't give me the representation I needed? That is...
How can i start back driving after a dui my first time what can be done if u can help please
please help me my husband need a job he has a dui on his cdl about a yr now and he got this dui coming home in his car start looking for work with driving and no one will hire him .this his first dui got it when we lived in horn lake,ms paid so much money to a lawyer to help us and did get any good help at all and he did blow the max for alcoholin his system now this mess up his livily hood from driving when dui school and everything.
There is nothing an attorney can do to force employers to hire your Husband in spite of his DUI conviction. Depending...
What can we do about him getting a job to drive
my husband got a dui on his cdl license driving his on car about a year ago and he be looking for work to drive he file a sr22to get insurance why noboby want hire him for a driving job this his first time getting a dui on his cdl this his livly hood what can he do to start back driving for a driving company please help me out what must we do it was in horn lake ,ms when he got his dui in his on car coming home
Unfortunately, you are discovering the same thing people with felonies on their record find; no one wants to hire...
If u had a dui charge 6 yrs ago and was charged with dui, refusal of breath test recently will he do time or they just revoke
Friend had a dui 6 years ago. Had to do 45 days because he had got 2 dui in a certain time frame. This was 6 years ago. And recently was charged with dui and refusal to take breathalyzer test. Will he have to do time or will the revoke his license. What can be done to avoid prison. It's more to situation but would rather tell a lawyer over phone or email. Thanks
He either has to win his case or he will do a lot of jail time. He needs the best atty he can afford.
I was drunk and being loud and obnoxious and got arrested for public intox and resisting arrest.
Can I get both of those off my record by ecpungment or something called title 40? someone explain this to me please?
Because of a new law passed in Tennessee in 2012, if you were convicted of these charges, but you have not had any...
How long a person have to wait to get DUI expunge in arkansas
have two DUI's in two weeks apart in 20012
Not sure about Arkansas specifically, but in most states DUI convictions are no longer able to be expunged off of a record.
Does the officer has reasonable suspicion of DUI for a valid stop based on the facts below?
I was stopped for illegal turn, failure to maintain lane, and arrested for dui. The officer claims he witnessed me make a uturn in an intersection and began following me in which his police report says i was all over the road. The U-turn nor weaving is captured on video, however the driving that is on video captures no traffic violations nor bad driving. I was found guilty of the alleged U-turn in city court, appealed and the case was dismissed at the circuit court level b/c the officer did not show up. My question, is the officer still credible if he can not show the offenses on video. Also, his police report which states I made the U-turn and failure to maintain lane is not consistent w/ his video that shows good driving.
An illegal turn and failure to maintain lane are valid stops for a dui. But they might be afterthoughts by the officer....