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  • 1 dead, 1 critically injured in shooting at Whitehav...

    Yesterday | via KFVS12 

    Memphis police are on the scene of an early morning shooting at a Kroger parking lot in Whitehaven, where a woman was killed and a man was critically injured. The shooting happened at East Shelby Drive and Elvis Presley Boulevard, just north of Whitehaven Elementary School, around 5:40 a.m. Police say the woman was found shot and killed when they arrived on the scene.


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  • News conference about Humboldt shooting will bea

    Wednesday Mar 18 | via The Jackson Sun 

    Video of the news conference will be live streamed on The news conference is scheduled to begin at 3:30 p.m. in front of the Humboldt Municipal Building, News conference about Humboldt shooting will be live streamed Video of the news conference will be live streamed on


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  • Briefs: Medina burglaries, fatal crash

    Tuesday Mar 17 | via The Jackson Sun 

    Medina police probe business burglaries; 2 people killed in crash in Haywood County; Camden arson probe leads to man's arrest Briefs: Medina burglaries, fatal crash Medina police probe business burglaries; 2 people killed in crash in Haywood County; Camden arson probe leads to man's arrest Check out this story on Surveillance video at Hometown Pharmacy captured a burglary suspect outside a glass door Sunday morning. Medina police were alerted by the pharmacy's alarm system.


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  • Man accused of burglary found hiding in closet

    Monday Mar 9 | via KFVS12 

    A Memphis man is behind bars Sunday night after reportedly breaking into a High Point Terrace home on March 6. "I was getting ready for work and I heard a loud bang. It sounded like something had fallen against my house," said Wilkerson.


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  • Thomas Standley charged with assaulting his girlfrie...

    Wednesday Feb 25 | via Daily Mail 

    Thomas Standley, 28, allegedly choked and violently shook his 93-year-old girlfriend Willie Frances Robinson because she refused to take her meds A Tennessee man was arrested and charged with assaulting his 93-year-old girlfriend because she refused to take her medication, police say. Twenty-eight-year-old Thomas Standley was arrested Tuesday at the Memphis home he shared with Willie Frances Robinson, 93, after allegedly choking her, squeezing her arms and shaking her violently, NBC news reports.


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Memphis Law

I am on probation for aggravated assault-reckless and I violated by driving on suspended licenses. What will happen to me?
On diversion probation. I haven't violated accept for now
Not only could you lose your diversion with this charge you could also fail a longer probation. You need to hire an...
A drunk driver hit my vehicle in the driveway of my home and totaled it. Now he refuses to pay. Can I sue him & how?
Driver jumped curve and ran into my house and car. House paid for by insurance but car had no insurance and driver refuses to pay for the vehicle. Can I sue him and of so how can I hire an attorney to help In this matter and what type of lawyer do I hire
What insurance paid for the house issues? If it was the drunk's, then tell them to pay for the actual cash value of...
My son has a class d drug felony in tennessee, can he get it expunged. he was on diversion with 5 months to go and got a DUI.
He was sentenced for 2 years county jail. all he had to go was 5 months and he could have had a better outcome but made a bad decision to drink and drive.
Yes, if his DUI is dismissed and if he is placed back on diversion or probation.
What are my options if I did not complete my 2 years of treatment sentenced for 2 DUI's and entered into deferred prosecution.
The DUI's where in WA and I no longer live there. I was unable to find a facility that would do outpatient treatment just once a month. I only had 6 months left to go of once a month treatment. Now the state of WA is asking for proof that I completed that.
Hire a WA DUI lawyer now. Failure to complete a deferral program often leads directly to conviction and sentencing. You...
How can I get a DUI removed or downgraded from my record? Is there a certain time frame I must wait in order to remove it?
I recently pleaded guilty to DUI and still on probation. I would like to know if/how I can get it removed or downgraded from my record.
Under Tennessee law , a DUI conviction can never be removed from your record. The only way is to be pardoned by the...
What can I realistically expect as punishment when facing a probation violation hearing?
I am on probation for reckless endangerment. I have all of my fees paid and community service hours done. I recently was arrested for marijuana possession, paraphernalia, and charged with a marijuana DUI. I was sober, and I'm confident that the blood test will come back fine and the DUI will get taken care of. But I was still arrested. My PO is going to wait until after my new court case to violate me. This is my first violation. I am a full time student, my record is not bad, I hold 3 jobs. I will pass a million clean drug tests and take a drug class before my hearing. My case is in Shelby County, Division 9. I know that lawyers on this site see VOP cases all the time. What is a REALISTIC expectation of punishment for violation? Anything can happen, but what should I really expect?
A similar question was asked and answered under the Criminal Defense section yesterday, please refer to those answers...
How far does TN. go back on driving on rev.?I've never had a d.u.i.
I have been charged with driving on rev. 4.they went back 13 years and counted 1 and 8 years onanouther.
Driving on a suspended license is a criminal conviction. They will count back to the day you turned 18. You should hire...