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Does the officer has reasonable suspicion of DUI for a valid stop based on the facts below?
I was stopped for illegal turn, failure to maintain lane, and arrested for dui. The officer claims he witnessed me make a uturn in an intersection and began following me in which his police report says i was all over the road. The U-turn nor weaving is captured on video, however the driving that is on video captures no traffic violations nor bad driving. I was found guilty of the alleged U-turn in city court, appealed and the case was dismissed at the circuit court level b/c the officer did not show up. My question, is the officer still credible if he can not show the offenses on video. Also, his police report which states I made the U-turn and failure to maintain lane is not consistent w/ his video that shows good driving.
An illegal turn and failure to maintain lane are valid stops for a dui. But they might be afterthoughts by the officer....
How are crimes committed in three different counties (and two states) within a week's time handled?
DUI in Desoto County, MS; domestic violence in Tipton County, TN; aggravated burglary in Shelby County, TN
By an attorney in each state and a defendant who travels (so long as he's not in custody). Your question is too...
Before my bac test comes back do I need a lawyer even if I am found guilt or not guilty? This is my first time being in court
No background at all first time getting in trouble
Was your BAC test done by blood? Even so, results are typically obtained relatively quickly. Start looking/consulting...
I had 1 shot of wiskey an maybe 8 beers in 8 hours how much is my bac level ? An do I need n attorney before my bac test comes?
I have no other record this is my first offence ever in anything
Generally (or at least this is the claim), alcoholic beverages have .02 in them so add .02 for each drink. BUT,...
I've had 2 DUI arrests in the past 3 years. I'm a member of the national guard, how can this affect me?
I'm a member of the air national guard and have had 2 dui arrests in the past 3 years. Both were dropped/dismissed. Both happened while I was not on orders or a military status (I understand I'm still under the ucmj to some extent). Also both have or will be expunged. How can this hurt my career?
Although I cannot comment on the direct effect the two DUI arrests would have on your National Guard career, it most...
Is this the best offer from an insurance co involving my minor child who was struck by their insured who plead guilty to dui?
12/31/15 my son who was 17 tried to stop and swerve out of the way of a woman who pulled out in front of him. The impact totaled both vehicles. The airbag deployed and paramedics gave me a choice in transporting him to the er or having them transport. I transported because of cost associated with ambulance. The woman attempted to leave the scene, but car was inoperable. She admitted to officers that she consumed 2 glasses of wine and took prescription xanex 30 minutes prior to the crash. My son was seen with complaint being head pain of 6/10 on a pain scale. His medical bills, prescriptions were1200.00. He spent close to $6000 on aftermarket parts and countless hours of work that he lost. We have suffered emotional distress. The offer is 2800.00. This was her 3rd alcohol related charge.
Insurance companies don't treat unrepresented persons seriously. Talk to a TN personal injury lawyer before you decide...
Can a dui charge be dropped to a lesser charge like to wreckless driving? Cause I've never been charged with anything
No background at all
All cases are dependent on the facts of the case. You would need to discuss it with a good dui atty. If you didn't blow...