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  • Memphis, Ind. man accused of impersonating police of...

    Wednesday Oct 11 | via WDRB-TV Louisville 

    A Memphis, Indiana, man has been arrested after police say he impersonated law enforcement officers and first responders from several agencies in order to get free or discounted food from Taco Bell. According to an arrest report, 21-year-old Dalton Barnett was arrested in the early morning hours of Monday, Oct. 11. A deputy with the Scott County Sheriff's Office wrote that the department received a report that a man was driving around Scott County, Indiana, with a badge, a BB gun on his hip and possibly a real 9mm handgun under the driver's seat of his Ford Ranger.


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  • Kentucky cop arrested in Indiana on domestic battery...

    Sep 12, 2017 | via WXIX-TV Cincinnati 

    News outlets report Louisville Metro Police Officer Aaron Jaggers was arrested early Sunday morning after three officers from the Clark County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of a domestic disturbance at a home in Memphis, Indiana. The probable cause affidavit says Jaggers' fiancee confronted him about texting a female coworker, and he pushed her into a column when she tried to reach for his phone.


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Memphis Law

Why was I allowed to keep my license after initial hearing and it is still valid 4 months later while case is pending?
Was picked up for OWI and blew 0.17 around the first of April. Also had additional charge of 'endangering a person'. On a sidenote, last citation i had was 16 years ago for speeding. Anyway, went to first hearing and my lawyer and prosecutors argued for a minute regarding my drivers license. Judge said we will figure that out at the trial and they handed me my license. Been back to court 2 other times since then and scheduled again sept. 11th. Been also told i will most likely be pleading down to reckless driving. If there are any suspensions, will they begin at my final hearing? Not complaining because feel lawyer is doing amazing job. He just never returns my calls and this has been eating at me for awhile. Also being transferred to Ohio next month. If there are no suspensions will i be able to get a Ohio license and if so will i need to fill out an SR50 or SR22? Know thats a lot to digest but so much is happening all at once and it would be great to gain some clarity on these matters. Thanks!
If you can't find the answer on avvo, call a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation.
I was arrested Indiana for DUI. But I live in TN. How do these cases usually proceed.
Blew a .17 on the breathalyzer. Did not resist or complain.
You will have to answer to the charges in the Indiana county where they occurred. If found guilty punishment can...
How can they prove your intoxicated using breathalyzer? but ...when they take you to jail and book u in you blow all zeros ..??
I was arrested at Family Dollar for Pi the officer that administer the test would not let me nor my boyfriend see the results had not been drinking yeah he said I blew a .13 when I got down to the jail they did not give me a breathalyzer until 5 a.m.( I was arrested at 10pm ) since they did not give me a breathalyzer when I first got to the jail is there a way to disprove what the officer is saying
Blood Alcohol Counts "BAC" are very complex issues, You need to get an attorney who really understands things like "...
What does it mean when the judge says $5000 full cash bond & gives the person another court date?
My boyfriend thought he had everything taken care of 2 years ago when we went to the prosecutor's office and took care of old charges and got his driver's license back. He was recently picked up on a DUI. Although he was actually asleep in his vehicle and not driving. He was released on his own recognizance but transferred to another county because of an old FTA from 2008. Same county we had to deal with to get his license back. The judge today gave him a $5000 cash only bond and he has to go to court again in 12 days. Does this mean we have to pay this on top of whatever the judge says in 12 days, or is it that to get him out of jail now we have to pay $5000? We cant afford to pay his bond, so he will have to stay in jail. I just want to know what to expect when we go back to court.
The $5,000 bond would secure his release only. It would not resolve the underlying issues. if you can't afford the...
Is an incomplete police report enough for a motion to suppress in a DUI case?
15 MINUTES had passed since my gf and I were parked at the local golf course maintenance area before authorities arrived on scene, due to an anonymous caller about a woman walking down the road, who was picked up, and then parked on golf course property. Authorities asked what we were doing, I told them just talking, they asked if we had permission to be parked there. I told them I knew the owner. Within minutes owner arrived, confirmed he was the owner and that I always have permission to be on site. He was told to step aside so they can finish questioning. He stayed to witness the entire scene. Police report does not mention ANYTHING about the owner of property. They went on to question us and eventually fished out enough probable cause to proceed with a DUI stop.
The report doesn't mean near as much (if anything) compared to whether or not they can testify to facts establishing...
I have an Indiana drivers license but was convicted of a DUI in North Carolina. Will my license be suspended in both states?
Level 5, first offense DUI
Yes, usually upon conviction the state where you got the DUI will report the conviction to the state where you carry...
First OWI with BAC of .12. Spotless driving record (no tickets, nothing). Could medical condition be to blame for BAC?
Pulled over for license plate expired. Had 2.5 beers 2-3 hours before driving. Female/5'8/125lbs. Passed all the field test. Still blew .12 at the station. I had a kidney stone and kidney infection that hit that very next morning . Is it possible that this could be the reason I still blew .12 after not having a drink for hours before driving and if so, should I even bother bringing it up? My friend who had not had anything to drink pulled over and was waiting for me, but the officer went up to him and told him that they would have allowed me to leave with him, but that I had requested him to leave. What should I expect the outcome to be with no previous record or tickets? Should I hire an attorney?
Yes, you absolutely need an attorney. DUI offenses are rarely deferred or changed by prosecutors due to the political...