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Can an expunged record of a first and second DUI offense be used in a custody hearing???
My exhusband and I have had joint custody of our daughter for 6 yrs. He is getting remarried and has sued me for full custody to get out of child support and so that he can move. He was arrested on drug charges and two DUI's (one of which I just found out about)... all have been expunged. Need help.
If a matter has been expunged it is supposed to wiped clean from all government records. You will need to check the...
I was selected for "emergancy jury duty" as I entered a walmart by the sheriffs dept. Can this be done?
Went to go shopping, went to store sheriffs dept (several) standing by door asked if I was parish resident looked at drivers license, Told to report to court house for jury duty.
Yep. It is rare. It is called a writ of attachment. I have only heard of it two other times, for death penalty trials.
Will I be dropped from my diversion program for shoplifting if I fail a drug screen for marijuana in St Tammany parish in LA?
I have 2 weeks left in my diversion program & had to submit a drug screen before being released. I've completed all other requirements & fees & haven't failed any prior screening. Thank you. This is my first offense
In all likelihood you will be dropped from Diversion
How could CPS take you kids if I tested positive and they tested my kids hair. Is it true if it comes back positive for weed.
I tested positive and they done hair samples on my kids is it possible that NY kids can get removed asap
It is possible. If the petition a judge and show that the children are in immediate danger of irreparable harm, then a...
What is the worst I can get for first time parfanalia and a legend drug
I got caught with a straw and a clear bottle with nausea pills. I got charged with a legend drug and parfanalia
You need to call an attorney. I'm guessing you also have a DEI. Need to know if you blew or were urine or blood...
My boyfriend is in drug court and on probation they found a joint of weed in our house but he wasnt there.
A month later he has a summons for possession whats the worse can happen he also takes daily drug test and test negative everytime what will happen
You need to call a lawyer. Too many unanswered questions: 1) If it wasn't his blunt, then it must belong to someone...
How long can the Louisiana DMV require an interlock device?
My husband got his 3rd DUI (BAC 0.284) in Aug 2012, and it was reduced to a 2nd offense, the case drug on and was finally closed in Aug 2015--He ended up getting nothing more than 6mo probation, which has already been completed with all fines paid..The court never ordered an interlock device be placed on his vehicle, but the DMV did...We have since sold the vehicle in which the interlock was originally installed, and have purchased a new vehicle, but have not yet installed the interlock on the new vehicle. His license expired last year and the DMV will not reinstate it until we show proof that the interlock device has been installed on the new vehicle. Its been over four years since his license was suspended and the interlock device originally installed. Is there a limitation as to how long the DMV can require you to have the device?
There is no real limit. driving privileges are an administrative privilege, not a legal right. Ask the DMV how long...