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Melrose Park Crime

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  • Elmhurst police report accidental shooting

    Monday Feb 13 | via Chicago Tribune 

    Elmhurst police have charged an 18-year-old man from Chicago with weapon offenses following an accidental shooting that happened inside a car parked in the 200 block of Clinton Avenue at 10 p.m. Sunday night. Mickiel J. Smith, of the 1300 block of North Mayfield Avenue, was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a firearm without a firearm owner's identification card.


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  • Elmhurst cops charge man in accidental shooting

    Monday Feb 13 | via Daily Herald 

    Elmhurst police have charged an 18-year-old Chicago man with weapon offenses following an accidental shooting inside a car at 10 p.m. Sunday on the 200 block of Clinton. Police said they were contacted by staff members at Gottleib Hospital in Melrose Park who said a gunshot victim was in their emergency room for treatment.


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Melrose Park Law

My license is suspended from a dui conviction I recently got caught driving on a suspended license will I do jail time?
This is my 2nd dui charge
It is certainly possible. However, nothing is ever certain until the judge says so. A second DUI is not a DIY project,...
Married a girl from Denmark drunk, how do I resolve it.
My fiance and I live in Illinois and want to get married. However, we just found out he us still married. When he was 25 yrs old (he is now 55) he got drunk and married a girl from Denmark here on vacation. She stated she would get it annulled through the Consulate when she went back home a week later but as it turns out she did not. We have made contact with her and she is still in Denmark and remarried. How do we get this resolved.
The simplest thing may be to file for divorce. Check with your attorney, or if you don't have one, get with an...
Can I get a DUI
If I am in a parked car in the driver seat with the engine off and I do not have the keys on me at all. What if the keys to the car is in my house but I left my car door open and sat in it drunk. But no keys on me so I wouldn't be able to start the car anyway.
Yes if there is a witness that saw you drive. have your Criminal Defense attorney review all the facts and evidence to...
Do I have to report court supervision for DUI to IDPH Profesional Licensing Department?
I have RN License. Would like to know when I must report to IDPH convictions only, or does that include supervision as well?
You need to contact a local attorney and the licensing agency.
Can i have my dui reduce to a reckless driving or get it dismiss?
i had a dui back in feb 2014 which we WON NOT GUILTY. unfortunately i got hit with another one in MAY 2016 and we did not expunge the first dui. i did not blow on either yet i did do the sobriety test on both i remain calm and was not aggressive with the officer. well with that being said i have a possibly bench trial coming in a few months in chicago il basicly there is hardly enough evidence i would like to get the ticket dismiss but if i could get it reduce to a RECKLESS DRIVING i will take that. going to bench trial is harsh knowing that they could see i had a prior one not to long ago and possibly used it against me or maybe it could be irrelevant. if i get to reduce my 2 dui to a RECKELESS can i comeback a year or 2 and expunge or seal the reckless driving if not how long would it stay on my driving record or is it forever ?
Maybe. But what motivates the prosecution to do this unless you have s lawyer willing to go to trial? Better lawyer up.
What would happened with my child if I got arrested for DUI and child endangerment
This is my first offense, my record is clean, I passed the test police did but refused to blow because I was told never to blow. I didn't have to pay anything to bail out. I'm concerned about my child because she was in the car. What are my possibilities to get out of this without jeopardizing my child welfare.
DCFS could start a stalled investigation. Get a lawyer quickly.
What can I expect regarding immigration status, guilty of DUI and speeding above 35. DUI got reduced to court supervision,
The regrettable situation occurred in dec 14, case is closed. I just want to know if I would have issues with immigration. First time DUI and speeding above 35. DUI got reduced to Court supervision. Unfortunately, guilt of Speeding. Please advice
Under the current laws, probably this will not be a problem, so long as you report it during the immigration process....