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  • Anacondas found in Central Florida; wildlife officia...

    17 hrs ago | via Daytona Beach News-Journal Online 

    A fisherman found this green anaconda on the banks of the St. Johns River in Brevard County last week. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials, which killed the snake, said it was 9 feet, five inches long and weighed 33 lbs.


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  • Deputies: Man killed in dispute over touching truck

    Wednesday Jan 20 | via Daily Mail 

    'I wasn't ready to go public until now': Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn Sigler reveals tragic news that she has been battling multiple sclerosis for 15 YEARS... just days after her wedding 'Storm of a lifetime': Fierce blizzard unlike any seen for 20 YEARS is hurtling towards East Coast to blanket entire region with as much as two feet of snow The A-Z of weird and wonderful phobias: From clowns and urination to peanut butter in the mouth, photographer snaps our bizarre inner fears How will YOU die? Take this test to find out: Fascinating chart reveals how the leading causes of death change over your lifetime The ten sex lies EVERY woman tells their partner Through the royal keyhole: Google offers virtual tours of Buckingham Palace so you can be guided around the Queen's official residence from the comfort of your own home 'It's like a partially deflated balloon!' Gay men are filmed touching a ... (more)


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  • Melbourne man charged with people smuggling granted ...

    Sunday Jan 10 | via ABC News 

    A 40-year-old Mill Park man charged with smuggling 15 people out of Indonesia between 2010 and 2013 has been granted bail. Adin Armin appeared briefly in the Melbourne Magistrates Court charged with one count of aggravated people smuggling and three counts of people smuggling.


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Melbourne Law

What is the FL statute for converting fines into community service?! I have a DUI conviction 4th offence & on probation.
DUI 4th offence
The court may not allow it. Contact your attorney or public defender.
I took an egt test earlier today and failed for alcohol, is there any way to request a retest?
I'm on pre trial diversion and I work as a bartender. I worked late the previous night and was testing the drinks all night through a sipper straw as I was training a new bartender. I didn't actually have a drink, however my boss told me to do this and I wasn't expecting it to show up in my test, as it was such a small amount. Being as this was part of my job, would they let me retest if I explained this? Or am I just going to fail out of the program.
If the terms of your agreement included absolute sobriety, you could have a problem. You should speak with your...
Am I able to obtain a Florida license at this time even though my California DUI is still in the process of being resolved?
'I am in the process of resolving a DUI charge I received in California (i.e. paying the fine, community service is complete and I took a 4.5 month course in Florida that I do not think will be approved in California) so.. Am I able to obtain a Florida license at this time even though my California DUI is still in the process of being resolved? as I am now a resident of Florida? Thank you.'
Most likely no. Florida and California are part of an Interstate Compact on Driver Licenses, which means that if your...
My family member was in an accident and had a no bond warrant for vop for a dui, what can we do?
Family member caused a three car accident, had a vop no bond warrant for a misdemeanor dui from a few years ago. Was arrested and we are awaiting a trial in the morning. We would like to know what we can do now since she has already been arrested and what kind of lawyer we can contact
You should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately; not just any lawyer though, someone with experience and the "...
I was charged with a reckless driving when reduced from a DUI but adjudication was withheld. Can I have it sealed and expunged?
It occurred in 2013. I have no other charges on by record.
They are touchy on this because they consider giving you a big break. There is no reason not to. You might have had an...
Can I handle a vop on a dui without much jail time
can't finish farm time because if work and I'm the only one in my house hold that work's family of 5
There are jail alternatives. However, you may need a lawyer for that. Locate an experienced criminal defense lawyer...
Can I take a Florida mandated DUI class in a different state to get my license back?
I was arrested for DUI in 2009 and did not lose my drivers license. The judge continued my case long enough for me to complete a 2 part DUI class and community service. The DUI class was two parts, first part being like six two hour classes spaced out over 2 months, the second part is a 'alcohol & drug counseling evaluation' were they decide if your an addict. I did my community service, took the class, and the counselors were understaffed and backed up, so I made the appt for 8 months later. I returned to court before that appt and the judge decided to give me a drug test, which I passed and he said ok that's good enough case closed. Well, i didnt attend that counseling appt, and the DMV suspended my license 2 years later. I now live out of state, Do i have to return to FL to take class
Check with the Florida DMV. I expect they will have a way for you to complete the requirement, but it may be expensive.