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Last night An unmarked deputy knocked on my windowif my car, I left since i was a little drunk and a cop started to chase us.
I drove away into a neighborhood and then left the car and ran inti the woods. Me and all my friends escaped into the woods. But the police took my car. Shoukd I report it as stolen? And can the police charge me with anything other then evading police since they never caught me in the car?
You have put yourself in serious trouble. Facing jail. Speak to a lawyer in your area IMMEDIATELY. Your car is...
I was convicted of a 3 dui with no arresting officer who never showed up from day 1. plus after she chargered me she had been
fired for a dui and the judge knew this and still said that i was guilty and me court appointed lawyer knew to and he had already to me but i knew before him that she had been fired . should my case been thrown out because i have the right to face my accuser but the judge lied on the stand and said that they could not find her when i asked were was she. is there any thing that i can do?
How can you be convicted without a witness against you? I guess you pled guilty. I am storey but you tale so far makes...
I have a ASAP fees due but i am unemployed and still cant find work what can be done?
I was convicted of a DUI had a blood test of .09 They gave me 85 hours community serivce, Suspended lince for a year and ASAP classes
Unless the judge specifically waives it, everyone who is convicted of DUI in Virginia is required to attend a VASAP...
What are my options.
I was convicted of DWI I had at court appointed attorney that showed up at court and told me to plead guilty . I told him I did not know what my options were . When my case was called I was told to stand off to the side while the judge spoke with prosecution and " defense " attorneys . The judge never asked me how I plead nor gave me a chance to speak on my own behalf . I never verbally nor writtenly entered into any plea or agreement and did not give my attorney permission to enter a plea on my behalf . Was this proceeding legal and what are my options .
If this was in the General District Court and your conviction was within the past 10 days, you can file an appeal of...
What happens with your arrested for TWO DUI within one month?
Fiancé arrested for DUI, less than a month later arrested for second DUI.
You need to speak with an experienced attorney. There will be mandatory jail periods if he is found guilty of the...
How will a dismissed/expunged DUI affect citizenship?
I was charged with a DWI first offense in Fairfax County VA. The officer made a mistake by arresting me and I hired a lawyer. The case was obviously dismissed by the judge and the charges expunged. I am a US permanent resident and am now eligible for citizenship, do I have to mention this incident on my N-400 (because my case was dismissed and expunged therefore it "legally" never happened). Furthermore, am I going to face any problems with obtaining my citizenship?
The N-400 specifically asks if you've ever been arrested or cited - don't try to hide anything just because it was...
Renewal for concealed permit with a DUI, No weapon upon arrest.
I have a conceal permit that Exp. 2018, I have 1 DUI conviction in 2014. Did NOT have weapon upon arrest. Permit was never taken, nor anything was said about it being revoked. Am I still able to carry right now? By having a DUI will it prevent my renewal in 2018 or wait another year for 2019 Since its 5 years after the conviction?
Check Virginia Code 18.2-308.09. paragraph 9 disqualifies an individual a concealed carry permit if within the...