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I was convicted of a DUI had a blood test of .09 They gave me 85 hours community serivce, Suspended lince for a year and ASAP classes
Unless the judge specifically waives it, everyone who is convicted of DUI in Virginia is required to attend a VASAP...
I was convicted of DWI I had at court appointed attorney that showed up at court and told me to plead guilty . I told him I did not know what my options were . When my case was called I was told to stand off to the side while the judge spoke with prosecution and " defense " attorneys . The judge never asked me how I plead nor gave me a chance to speak on my own behalf . I never verbally nor writtenly entered into any plea or agreement and did not give my attorney permission to enter a plea on my behalf . Was this proceeding legal and what are my options .
If this was in the General District Court and your conviction was within the past 10 days, you can file an appeal of...
Arrested for dwi
It sounds like you are talking about your Miranda rights. On the facts that you have provided, the officer didn't...
Pulled over while texting at night because i swerved a little on the road. I had also been drinking not too long before being pulled over. I did the field sobriety tests and passed, then i blew a .08 Another officer came and took my car and parked it at a nearby church and i was then taken to the station. At the station i blew two more times, which was a .06 and then a .08 I was told i had a DWI but am free to call someone to pick me up, however nobody answered and i stayed in the cell till i was released at 4 a.m. when i got a taxi and picked up my car and went home. My license was also suspended a week. This is my 1st offense and it is a Class 1 misdemeanor
You absolutely should not handle this yourself. Get a DUI attorney IMMEDIATELY. Stay off line with any more...
I was convicted of the one DUI. WIll this hurt my chances of employment? How common are DUIs in the US?
A DUI from most states will show up on one's criminal record. These convictions are extremely common.
My revocation period has ended for my DUI and don't think I have time to go through the process of relicensing in Hawaii before I move to Virginia.
The easiest way to get that answer is to go to DMV and apply for a license or request a compliance summary if you are...
i was convicted of a dui i didnt follow up with asap when i was suppose to due to being homeless,got a showcause in the mail that i didnt know i had received.
The decision whether or not to grant bond lies with the magistrate and the judge. Your question creates 2 possible...