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Sexually assaulted while drunk?
I work in a gentlemen's club and that night I completely forgot I even had taken my prescribed klonopin before work. I had a few drinks with a customer who turned out to be an employee there as well but came in for "fun" . After the drinks he said he wanted a private dance, we went to the room where only a curtain separates us from the public. I sat down and I just remember telling him to sit so I could dance. He instead blocked the curtain/doorway, took his private out and forced it in my mouth. I couldn't move. After, I ran to the customer bathroom, a female employee got a manager for me and I was too afraid to say what really happened so I said it was because of a customer prior to him that had ripped my bottoms. The manager told me I was clearly in no condition to work and sent me home. I blacked out and slowly remembered bits and pieces. Today the employee/customer called me and said it was my fault for approaching him and that I lead him on. I did get him to admit oral sex occurred. It was not consensual. This is a huge gentlemens club in miami and he knows everyone there. The management ignores and writes off real issues from the entertainers. I don't know what to do.
I am sorry to hear of your experience here. This is a very difficult situation that may include several legal facets...
Dui reinstatement
My dui was dismissed in court, but for the DMV purposes I still had to go to dui classes and treatment. Hardship license was denied (2nd dui) My first was in 1985. It will be 1 year next month that I have no license, will be going to the DMV for reinstatement. Do I need to go to a Formal Hearing and have the FR44 limits on my insurance? I'm finished with the dui school but not with the treatment, will that be a problem, too? My dui was dismissed because I blew 0 twice. The lawyer was able to prove it because he went to the machines and saw that I have blown enough twice with zero alcohol, but the police stopped the second test and he put down that I refused the test. So basically I have had my license taken away for 1 year for no reason at all. Thank you, Tammy Bowen
The DMV process and the criminal court process are two different things. In many cases, an administrative suspension is...
DUI and reinstatement of licence at DMV?
Had a dui that was dismissed in court, but hardship licence was denied ( 2nd dui ). This coming Oct 16/2017 is going to be 1 year that I have been without a license. I already went to dui school and undergoing treatment. But June 9 /2017 was caught driving with a suspended license with knowledge, the case was dismissed. Will this be a problem when I go to the hearing to get my license. Will I need a lawyer? Thank you
No, the DWLS should not be a problem if the charges were dismissed.
How long it takes for police investigation in a dui reckless driving manslaughter?
My son was killed by an speeding driver under the influence of alcohol, its been 3 weeks and i haven't heard from the detective in charge of the investigation, my understanding is the individual that cause my son death could flee the country....
First, let me offer you my condolences. I know the loss of a child can be devastating. My prayers are with you. Second,...
Borrar record del DUI
Encontre y aplique para un trabajo ,Chofer de STS.y me eliminaron pir tener un DUI en mi record del año 2000
Your DUI cannot be sealed or expunged because all DUI's in the State of Florida are convictions.
I have court order to rehab for pulling a marijuana joint while pregnant I made a horrible mistake that I will never do again c
I was goin to a domistic violence drug court Misdemeanor I was goin to a program called The Advocate Program and they told me to,do a drug test I told them I smoke weed and they had me to do a random drug test at court for 90days I came up clean for 80 days and during the hurrican I pulled a joint a 3 days pass court was open. I new i was dirty so I took with me a half a condom and had clean piss in it so they got me for contempt of court misdemeanor and 2 days from there I got arrested and I was in jailed for 7 days and got evaluated and sent to rehab but there was no bed ready for me so instead judge let me go home to my mother for 2days when they had the bed ready for me and now I'm here
I'm not sure I follow. What exactly is your question?
Just a general question, if you get to a road block and have a bac of .04 will you be charged for a DUI?
Just wanting to see an answer from the question above. Thanks.
You can be charged for DUI if you simply smell of alcohol and the officer feels you are impaired. The DUI a subjective...