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I got a DUI in Dupage. Will my prosecutor attend court ?
I got a DUI in Dupage. (0.18 breathalyzer; In a private property) My court will be in one month so I asked an attorney for a free consultation and He explained something about talking to the prosecutor !!! And the possibility of reduce it to Reckless driving after seeing what charges the prosecution does. What is true about this ?
Yes DUI is sometimes reduced to reckless but maybe it is a defensible case. This is called plea negotiation. Yes a...
Do i need a lawyer to get a court extension for a dui?
I got charged for my only dui last year, and i haven't finished my community service or payed my court fee. This would be the first extension
You should bring a lawyer. Failure to complete your terms is a violation of your court order. You can end up in jail...
Is Court supervision allowed for first time DUI offenders in Dupage County ?
I was charged with a DUI ( .17) in a private property at Dupage County. This is my first violation. No one was hurt and there was no damage. The police officer however did not suspend my driver's license. Is Court Supervision allowed at Dupage County ? Am I in risk to spend time in jail ?
Yes supervision is a possible resolution, as is jail. You need to retain an attorney to represent you for an offense...
If I have a prescription for a drug, does Illinois law dictate the dosage of the prescription as well as the drug or just drug?
Under the Illinois controlled substance act, the law states that to possess a controlled substance I require a valid prescription for the drug. However the law does NOT state that dosage of the drug is a part of a valid prescription. Which leads me to my question. Since the law does not specify that I need to have the exact dosage as it appears on my prescription, is it unlawful to carry with me a different dosage other than prescribed?
You mean like carrying the bottle instead of just one pill? Generally, the police don't like it when you carry pills...
Did the officer who detained me have appropriate reasonable suspicion to detain and question me?
I was arrested over a year ago for unlawful possession of a S4 substance to wit a quarter of a pill of Xanax. I am being charged with felony possession and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. From what I can remember on the police report, he approached to investigate because one of the occupants of the vehicle looked too young to be smoking tobacco. I was 17 at the time and my passenger was 19, but when he approached the vehicle he did not ask about tobacco but instead asked me if I was smoking marijuana. I showed him the pack of cigarettes and asked if I could leave and he said that I may not. After being detained for 30 minutes about if I was in possession of drugs I refused to answer his questions and asked to be set free or arrested, I was searched and arrested and at that point drugs were found. Is the subjective "looking too young" (I was 4 or so months from turning legal age) reasonable suspicion to investigate? I can certainly understand if I were say 14 but its quite hard to tell the difference between 17 and 18 in the middle of the night. I am also under the impression he may have lied in his report.
I think you put your finger on the answer when you said "it's quite hard to tell the difference between 17 and 18 in...
What can I do if I am on court supervision and I only have 5 clean drug tests when I need to have 6 for court in two days?
I was supposed to have 6 clean drug tests but I failed one (which I don't have to bring to court) but I forgot to take another one to make up for it. Now I have all my service hours completed but only 5 clean drug tests. I'm just an 18 year old college freshman who go caught senior year of high school with a gram of marijuana. Is my future ruined now?
Don't miss court. Bring proof of what you have done so far. My guess is that you will be given time to accomplish what...
What happens if I show up to court after court supervision and I am required to present 6 clean urine tests, but I only have 5?
I started too late and then ran out of time. I also miscounted and thought I had 6 done, but I only had 5. Court is in two days, please help!
The judge could revoke your supervision and enter a conviction