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I had to move back to Montana because I had no place to live. I have since moved back. I have not been financially able to pay these fines. I am looking for a job currently and I still owe back child support which is always deducted from any paycheck I receive.
First thing is to make sure you ask an Attorney who practices DUI defense in your area about this. Then you will get a...
I was a dumb college student and got a DUI in 2003 and I was wondering how this will effect my application for a medical license?
This is not actually a DUI question. It is a question that needs directed to the medical board.
I got the DUI in WA but I had a job offering in ND and had to come out here for the job the jobs requires me to switch my license to ND and get my cdl will I be able to do that
A pending DUI should not have an effect on your ability to obtain a CDL license as it is not yet a conviction. The...
I blew a .1 and was pulled over for expired tabs. I ask the officer if I was driving recklessly and he said no he had me do a sobriety test ( in his words there was a few things that worrented a breathalyzer test. This is two years after my first wich was reduced from DUI to reckless endangerment.
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I got convicted of my second DUI in August of 2013 and since then i have been on house arrest until November 26th. I'm compliant with treatment, i go to school and work full time. My boyfriend (who has a felony charge) is going to move in with me. He lives in another county at the moment and is transferring his DOC over and treatment etc. Would the investigation get accepted or would his probation not allow him to move in with me because I am legally arrested for the time being?????
Shouldn't make any difference
I got a DUI a few months ago in Washington state. I was convicted of a DUI about 10 years ago. I won my DOL hearing a month ago so no license suspension there. I was offered a reduction to a reckless driving charge. My lawyer and I had the next court date moved to about a week from now. Since this happened, my wife was offered an amazing job opportunity in Montana. I know there are rules for moving out of WA when it's your 2nd DUI. Do these still apply if it's reduced to a reckless? Will I be able to move or am I going to hold my family back? My lawyer hasn't returned my call so I just wanted to see what we're dealing with before she accepts the offer.
Get a hold of your attorney. You can move to Montana. The question is what you will have to do in satisfy the court...
I need to find a fair place for alcohol evaluation assessment. Where should I go?
You'll want an evaluator that reccommends the treatment you need (or lack thereof), not the treatment the evaluator...