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First DUI/OWI, restrictions questions. Wisconsin
I got a DUI with a 6 month suspension. I have an occupational license. I got a few questions on what I can or cannot do. 1) Am I allowed to go to bank or other places to pay bills such as credit unions. 2) if I'm on my way home from work, can I go to places like mcdonalds drivethru or into places for food to go on my way home? 3) if I get a ride to a friend place, am I able to drink since I'm not driving or does having a dui make it where I'm not able to drink at all.
Where you can and cannot go is based upon the specific restrictions placed on your occupational license. Going to the...
Can I get work release on my 3rd dwi after my last one was 24 years ago?
I'm on my 3rd dwi but my 2nd one was in 93 and my 1st one was in 91 will I get any jail time with work release or can be put on house arrest cause I do have young kids at home that I take care of while my wife go to work and I picked them up from school every day?
This is not a civil rights question. Driving is a privilege, not a right, and there is certainly no right to drive...
WHat are the penalties for drivong after revocation due to prio owi?
I was pulled over for a driving after revocation due to owi what are the pepenalties am I facing any jail time
Yes, jail time is possible.
I went to court in brown county, Wisconsin. had a 1.52 for my alcohol test but my attorney got a test redone and came back 1.4
I went to court in brown county, Wisconsin. I had a 1.52 for alcohol test. but my attorney came to me and got a re test done and it came back 1.48 had to pay the fine and didn't need the ignition inner lock no more, if you had over 1.50 for blowing for drinking you had to have the ignition inner lock. but my second test came back and was 1.48 the judge said I didn't need the inner lock no more. now I went to the dmv and their said I need the courts to send the papers saying I don't need it. had court today and I told the judge what happen and he was the judge that said I didn't need it in the first place. now it looks like I have to put it in how can this happen
There is not enough information to be sure, but it sounds like one of two things happened here. Either this is not a...
How can WI not allow a DWI offender to apply for a new license in another state?
Received a DWI when I moved to MN while I still had my WI license. Have paid and served my revocation dues issued by the MN court, now WI has put a hit on me applying for new MN license until I serve 6 months revoked in all states and pay a fine. How can WI govern my driving if the offense wasn't committed in WI?
This question was incorrectly (although, I suppose, understandably) posted under the licensing category. I am...
What happens if I miss an etg test being administered for court for a dwi?
I do testing weekly to satisfy my bond. I take an erg urinalysis.I drank yesterday last drink around noon. I'm called for testing today. What happens if I miss the test today .Thursday. I have sentencing Monday and will go to jail after anyway. OwI carries mandatory jail
If you skip the testing, you'll be in violation of bail and could have an arrest warrant issued for you. OWI...
If someone has five or six beers within an approximately five-hour period, would it most likely be legal to drive with children?
Someone I know says he had 5-6 beers within about five hours (male, approx. 190lbs), and then drove children home, which was a 30 minute drive. I'm wondering if there could be any legal issue with this if the person was "legal to drive," as they said. Ethics might be a separate issue here...
This depends upon more than your weight and sex. I don't think anyone on here is going to say "yes, that's permissible....