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    Monday | via KOBI NBC5 

    NBCs Saturday Night Live sparked a Twitter frenzy early Sunday after it aired a segment poking fun at the infamous Islamic st... Full Story Los Angeles police were months into a pilot body camera program when officers shot and killed a robbery suspect on skid row on Sunday. Full Story 779-5555 This email address is being protected from spambots.


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  • Campos gets 25 years to life for 2013 Ashland murder...

    Friday Feb 20 | via The Ashland Daily Tidings 

    A 41-year-old Medford man will spend at least 25 years in prison for his role in the 2013 robbery and murder of Ashland resident Frank Damiano, a Jackson County judge ruled Friday. In a courtroom packed with tearful family members of Damiano, Circuit Judge Lorenzo Mejia sentenced Othon Robert Campos Jr. to 25 years to life in prison on charges of murder, first-degree robbery and first-degree burglary, to which Campos had pleaded guilty in September 2014.


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  • Police Reports

    Tuesday Feb 17 | via The Ashland Daily Tidings 

    Friday, 3:03 a.m. - Police stopped a suspected impaired driver in the area of Garfield Street and Anton Drive. The driver was subsequently investigated by Medford police.


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  • Southern Oregon identity-theft scheme began with sto...

    Wednesday Feb 4 | via The Oregonian 

    Three southern Oregon men were sentenced in Medford's U.S. District Court this week to federal prison terms for their roles in an identity-theft conspiracy that began with the theft of stolen mail. Senior U.S. District Judge Owen M. Panner on Tuesday sentenced 38-year-old Ryan Juan Pitcher to nearly eight years for stealing mail from postal collection boxes and the mailboxes of businesses and private residences, the U.S. Attorney's Office reported.


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  • Alleged Medford robber captured after fleeing Ashlan...

    Tuesday Feb 3 | via The Ashland Daily Tidings 

    A man believed to have given up on a robbery attempt at a Medford Purple Parrot last week before allegedly returning two days later to steal cash and make off in a stolen car has been arrested after fleeing from police twice on Tuesday. August Dawn Mansfield, 27, was in the Jackson County Jail Tuesday afternoon on charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, attempt to elude police, possession of methamphetamine, reckless endangerment and reckless driving, according to jail records.


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Medford Law

my ua is sent to a lab for screening. I was just wondering if they will do a 12 panel drug test. I do NOT do any illegal drugs, just wondering if my prescribed medication would show up or not. It is klonopine and tramadol. I dont want this to be used against me during my divorce trial.
One is a benzodiazepine, the other an opioid. Both of those classes are commonly tested. As long as you have valid...
I was arrested for a DUII earlier this year and plead for diversion, I was deemed eligible for diversion and am about half way done with the mandatory classes; I attempted to purchase a firearm earlier today and was told that the oregon state police delayed my background check. The store asked if I had any previous record and I said I was arrested for a DUI, the clerk said that according to ORS 137.540 I might be under probation under my diversion agreement and in violation of my probation by owning firearms. I checked the paperwork I recieved from the Jackson County courts and did not see anything in regards to ORS 137.540, and the only mention of firearms was in regards to DV cases; am I violating the conditions of diversion by purchasing or owning a firearm?
Doesn't sound like it. First of all, you have not purchased a firearm yet. Your application is probably just delayed...
Please remove the caps lock. It makes it harder to read. You need to discuss this with your attorney. It may very...
My first arrest for DUI was dropped by DMV for lack of evidence. It was not dropped by the DA. One week later I was arrested for another DUI. This one the DMV suspended my license for. The DA has now charged me with two DUIs, my trial is in January. Could I still be eligible for diversion because these will be tried together?
With two pending DUII's it makes the possibility of entering diversion on one of them more difficult, but not...
I simply want to know if I can refuse probation in lieu of jail time and what law allows or prevents me for doing so. I cannot afford legal counsel so unless you plan on working for free, please don't ask...
I'd recommend that you repost this question with a location of Washington State instead of Oregon. State laws vary...
Just paid off DUI fines in AZ (dui metabolite, weed) Now they are sending me a revoke packet? Investigation packet? I completed the MADD classes and the TASC program from that case years ago, The case is from 2005. I now live in another state and am in need of my license how do obtain the docs they need if I dont live there? Doesnt the court get notified once someone has completed a court ordered program?
Not always. You will have to contact the provider and hope they kept better records than you did. Hope that's helpful
I got charged with a duii after an atl was put out on my car. My niece was driving but the person who called assumed i was driving when i stopped in at his house. He knows better now. The police arrived at my house 20 minutes after my niece dropped me off. They pulled me off the porch while i was smoking a cig. He asked me if i had drank and i said no. He asked if i was driving and i said no my niece brought me home and walked home. He then asked if i would take a field sobriety test. I stated i wasnt driving so i dont know why its necesary. He volunteered me for the field sobriety test. the police report states after asking me twice i consented. I did not. I have my driver and the person who called as witnesses for trial but this is a felony duii and jurys scare me. Any opinions
First of all, do not post any more details here or anywhere else on the internet. Prosecutors and police can and do...