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Just paid off DUI fines in AZ (dui metabolite, weed) Now they are sending me a revoke packet? Investigation packet? I completed the MADD classes and the TASC program from that case years ago, The case is from 2005. I now live in another state and am in need of my license how do obtain the docs they need if I dont live there? Doesnt the court get notified once someone has completed a court ordered program?
Not always. You will have to contact the provider and hope they kept better records than you did. Hope that's helpful
I got charged with a duii after an atl was put out on my car. My niece was driving but the person who called assumed i was driving when i stopped in at his house. He knows better now. The police arrived at my house 20 minutes after my niece dropped me off. They pulled me off the porch while i was smoking a cig. He asked me if i had drank and i said no. He asked if i was driving and i said no my niece brought me home and walked home. He then asked if i would take a field sobriety test. I stated i wasnt driving so i dont know why its necesary. He volunteered me for the field sobriety test. the police report states after asking me twice i consented. I did not. I have my driver and the person who called as witnesses for trial but this is a felony duii and jurys scare me. Any opinions
First of all, do not post any more details here or anywhere else on the internet. Prosecutors and police can and do...
My finace was sentenced to 180 days for not completing his DUII classes.The reason he didn't do them is because he was working 60+ hours a week and was the sole provider of the family. He was scheduled to start them when the judge sentenced him to 180
Your question is a bit confusing, but do not post any more facts about his case. You say that he did not do the classes,...
am i facing jail time? does it transfer state to state? should i hire an attorney? i am not a bad guy i really didnt think i was going even to blow a .084. i had 4 beers. any help or wisdom of what i should do i would really appreciate it. thank you
You need to hire a criminal defense attorney ASAP. If you have been convicted of 3 prior DUIs in KY, and if your prior...
I have bought a home here in Central Point Oregon and want an oregon license
Is your license still revoked in Illinois? What is the status of your Louisiana license? If your license is revoked in...
Hi, I am not looking for "legal advice", I am currently getting a lawyer, and I am just looking for a professional opinion in the mean time. I was arrested for a DUI because I failed a field sobriety test. However, when I did the breathalyzer about 30min later it only came up at 0.01, and I am over 21 y/o. I was then examined by a DRE who said, after the test, that he thought I may be on marijuana because of my eyes (they were red, and something with my pupils). I gave him a urine sample, but I do not do any illegal drugs so I am 100% sure there will not be any illegal substances in my urine. I was still cited for a DUI but I was told by the officer that the DA may drop the case. My question is, how strong does my case look to contest this DUI if it goes to court? Thank you.
My suggestion is that you wait until you have your own attorney who will become fully familiar with all the facts and...
I drank 4 pints of stout beer from 7:30 PM to 2 AM. was pulled over, given three reasons why, one being speeding 2, hit brakes hard, and people in my car. When given the field test I had to walk the 9 count and turn test directly into his flashing lights. I told him I also have a TBI and was missing a bone in my lower leg. He continued to run me through all the test anyway. I also told him I have COPD. My concern is that the BAC is incorrect?
Your COPD can be asserted as a defense to challenge your BAC reading, but it will be a trial issue. You will need...