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My Ex was involved in a DUI during a weekend visitation
I recently found out from one of the parties involved that my ex hid into this party car, tried to leave the scene and hit into another car, while my daughter was over his home for a sleepover visitation. How can I go about getting this incident report as well as how am I suppose to trust the safety of my daughter. He was drunk and high at the time of the accident. She was sleeping in the home with his parents (her grandparents).
At least he had the sense not to drink in front of her. You can petition the court to curtail the visits. As long as...
I am moving to Florida for work. have a conditional in NYS for a dwai. Can I change my residency so I can use my conditional FL
I understand I can only drive to and from work with other guidelines, I was wondering if I was able to change the state I lived on my license, get a FLORIDA ID card that shows my new address or anything else that would allow me to drive to and from work for the 2 months left I have on my suspension.
You are supposed to surrender your license when you move out of state and get a new license in the state you move to....
Dismissal? Video missing audio and footage which would prove the office said I made an improper right but paperwork says left
I was arrested for a DWI on November 1st of 2013 for making an improper turn. I already have an attorney but feel I may be ill informed of all possible outcomes. Also, I asked for a copy of the police video, which I received but the video has no audio, is missing footage, and the video doesn't show the sobriety test or my arrest. I did refuse a breathalyzer but that has been dismissed on the grounds that the paperwork did not state the time I refused or how in which I made an improper turn. My full driving privileges have been reinstated pending prosecution. My lawyer never obtained the full video. I told him the officer kept telling me I made an improper left but the officer kept telling me I made an improper right. His paperwork says I made a left. Could this call for a dismissal?
A spotty video will generally not result in a dismissal. If the video was requested and provided, there probably haven'...
I submitted to a breathalysers on scene but officer said that I refused. How do I approach this at my hearing?
I was pulled over for speeding, submitted to a field sobriety test and a breathalyser.At my arraignment I was suprised when the judge said that I refused the test.
The test on the side of the road is not the breathalyzer the judge is speaking of. At the police station, were you...
I was arrested for drunk driving and is my first time getting arrested for anything. What can I expect?
My tickets say failure to stay in lane, following to closely and not having a liscense which I do. I live in new York Suffolk county. I am the primary caregivers for my four children.
You should hire an attorney to guide you through the process. Scott Gross Former Suffolk County Prosecutor 631...
DWI before removing the conditions on marriage based green card
i applied for removing conditions on my marriage based conditional green card because our marriage is over 2 years now. i was arrested 2 months before i sent my application. I refused to take breath test. there was no injury or accident but this is still a misdemandor in new york. i included all my documents to USCIS about arrest and dwi. my sentence day will be march 17 because i plea guilty. There will be 1 year licence revokation and 3 years probation. This is my first arrest and first criminal offense in my life. How will this effect my immigration case ?
Driving While Intoxicated is not a crime involving moral turpitude. It is unclear to me whether you are pleading guilty...
Someone in a DUI single car accident is hospitalized & under arrest. Does the municipality pay his medical bills in NY?
This person says they were told by an ex NYC policeman that Suffolk County (where the accident happened) would be responsible for his medical bills. I told him I did not believe that to be true. He is unlicensed and driving his girlfriend's car. He was involved in a single car accident and was transported to the hospital while under arrest. His injuries are extensive. As I am an insurance agent with years of experience, I told him that I believe he'd have to try to collect under Personal Injury Protection coverage of his girlfriend's insurance policy, and that the county will bear no responsibility for his medical bills. Recently the laws changed (luckily for him). In the past people who were DUI were not covered under Personal Injury Protection coverage. Who is correct?
He is not. Contact your agent ASAP, get a police report; you still may want to get an attorney. Just because the other...