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What am I looking at for a Dui and over .08% limit?
I'm here as a resident, green card have a good driving record no tickets. Got stopped asked to perform all sobriety test , and then did the breathalyzer test was over the limit by a little. Didn't crash or anything else. Was taken in to sober up.My ticket only shows dui and over limit as comments. I did have a passenger in the car, I was driving their car. What am I looking at, I don't want my green card revoked, or denied in the future when I want to renew. What should my next step be, any to keep my license to drive to work.
I practice both immigration and criminal law and you are facing some very serious issues. First, any attorney would be...
Can I get a a driver's license with a warrant
I'm 20 years hold and I had stole 828$ of makeup last year and I had found out I had a warrant out for my arest but they didnt give me a court date and I'm trying to get a driver license so I can move around and get a job so I can pay for a lawyer?
First off, don't make admissions on a public forum like this. Call the DMV and ask if you can get your license...
What's the last time you did a diabetic defense on dui
Was drinking 2 beer 6 hour before my arrest I weigh 190 lb and I am diabetic what can I do?
What was your Breath Reading? What was your driving like when you were stopped? How did you do on the field tests?...
Can I get s restricted license while taking the 18 month DUI program
The court gave me thirty days to get my license I have yet to enroll in the program how do I get my license
The specific answer will come from asking the dmv or your lawyer no clue as none of us lawyers have your case.
How long will a dui stay on my record.
My dui was in 2003 in my car, but I have a cdl. First they told me 13 yrs. Now there telling me 55 yrs.
A dui will stay on your criminal record forever. However it can only legally be used as a prior for 10yrs. You can...
If I am under the daca program and I get a DUI but it is paid off am I eligible to re apply ?
I was giving a DUI two years ago. Now it is time to renew my daca . If I paid off everything am I able to reapply or will it lead to deportation?
Trump is looking to deport all "bad hombres." Criminal convictions don't bode well for you. Editing practice area to "...
I am a 1st time offender and blew a .17 and got a dui and driving with no license. What will i be facing at my court date?
I was recently arrested for a dui and having no license. I did do a breathalyzer test when i was pulled over and once again at the station. I blew a 0.17 i believe. Now im just curious on what im facing.
You're facing three charges, 2 DUI charges and the driving without a license charge. On the DUI, you're looking at...