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The automated system at the DMV is saying Im not eligible for a hearing until september 26, 2012 I am self employed and will loose everything if i dont work
Limited driving privileges are generally granted by a judge. You should see an attorney.
I had 90 hours of community service to complete I did all but 10 but I am pregnant and I was told I need to take things lite because of blood pressure issues. I have done everything else I am required to do with probation, is there any chance of having extra time to complete community service?
Assuming prior representation by legal counsel, it makes sense to call the attorney and see if they can get an...
I pleaded not guilty for both charges. This is for a car accident, the other party is fine. I T boned him in an intersection. The drug results show that I am clean. This is my first charge and I have already begun seeing the probation officer. I want this dismissed from my criminal record so I can pursue jobs. My lawyer recommended appealing the verdict to the supreme. Would I meet the requirements for the first offenders program?
Your lawyer is in the best position to advice you of your options. If he recommended appealing the case I think you...
I will most likely be convicted of a DWI and I was wondering how the restricted license process works.
Assuming you are convicted and eligible for a ldp, then once the judge signs it and it is filed with the clerk, it...
I am a 22 yr old female from North carolina with no priors. I was at a bar one night and consumed 2 shots and 5 beers within a 4 1/2 -5hr period. I was more than capable of driving. I was on the way back home and needed to get gas so i pulled into the turning lane with my blinker on and after i initiated my turn i was pulled over for speeding. I was asked if i had been drinking and admitted to having a few. I then went through the sobriety test with out protest. Upon asking to walk the line I did not refuse, I simply asked the officer if he could just go ahead with the breathalyzer. I asked this because I didn't know I would blow that much. I was then charged with a DUI for blowing a .15. What can a lawyer truly do to help me in my case?
Honestly it really is not possible to answer your question. What you want to know is whether it makes sense to hire a...
I plead guilty to resisting arrest
North Carolina insurance is regulated. Your insurance should not go up for the DWI BUT THE REFUSAL could if you did not...
I was found not guilty of Dwi where I did not take a breathalyzer.the case has been ongoing for twelve years.ihave had no license the 12 years will I still not be eligible for a drivers license for another year
The one-year suspension should have ended 11 years ago. As soon as the not guilty clears the computer system you should...