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Can I take an online DUI level 1 cour or where can i find a live class in Meadville Pa for an old suspension when i lived in FL.
I got a dui in duval county Fl. Jan. 1st 2010 .1St offense..I have fullfilled all my requirements for reinstatement except Dui school...I moved to Crawford County 2010...I can't seem to find a live class here and obviously cant drive and don't own a vehicle...
You really have 2 problems. There is no "DUI class" in PA. There are Alcohol Highway Safety School classes in PA, but...
My daughter got a OVI in Ohio however is a PA resident. Do I need a Ohio or PA attorney? Ohio took her PA license. Can they?
First time offense or arrest no prior arrests or trouble. Not sure how to go forward to pursue getting her license back.
You need an Ohio attorney in the county where she was charged. Use Avvo's Find a Lawyer tool to find an Ohio attorney.
Do I need a criminal defense attorney for first time DUI?
I was recently charged with a DUI. It is my first offense and my BAC was 0.13. I honestly don't know if I need an attorney for this. I didn't get an attorney for the preliminary hearing and I don't qualify for the Public Defender (because I make TOO MUCH $$! Lol, that's funny if you knew how much I made!) At the preliminary hearing, officer and even the District Judge said that I should go to the DA's and file for ARD. I know that an attorney will cost me a bundle, and I would like to save the money if I can. What should I do?
You need an attorney!!!!!!!
Dui general impairment
So a dui general impairment says. 08 is the cut off..i wrecked my car had a limit of. 07bac....they r still persue the dui eventhogh the cops said.theybdrop it.if under the limit but will can they give me a dui if im under. 08
You can be convicted under the general impairment section of the statute if the commonwealth can establish that you...
Dui general impairment
My pending trial is for dui general pa it said on dept transportation pa says gen impairment levels are .08 To. 099....if u r under the limit how can they still try and give u a dui
The state can charge you under subsection a1, in the officer's opinion you were under the influence to a degree that...
I got an underage but was never breathalyzed. can I get out of it, or plead to a lesser charge so I can keep my license?
I got an underage at 12:30 p.m because I tried to take a cookie from Sheetz and got caught. I gave it back and was charged with theft but the officer said he could smell alcohol on me. I told him I was visiting my friend at Slippery Rock and that I was from Allegheny College and that I did not have a drink since 5 p.m. and the reason he could smell it was because there was some spilled on me because everyone was playing a game. He made me stand up and watch his finger as he went from side to side and I did not move my head or blink. I did not slur any words and that was not indicated on the citation. He said my eyes were blood shot but they always are and I could prove that if I went to court. He did not use a Breathalyzer on me and I had to walk home when he was done writing me up.
Stop writing incriminating information on line and retain a criminal defense attorney. You do have options and want to...
Can the police obtain a BAC without concent?
I was involed in a accident were i ran threw a stop sign and hit a house. I was then taken to the ER to have a CT scan, Xrays and stitches to my eye. The medical staff told me they need to draw labs CBC and CMP are the only labs that show on my discharge papers. I was never told they were doing a BAC. I was dsicharged and called a cab and went home. I was not arested or told i was being charged with DUI. Now 7 days latter I recieved papers in the mail charging me with DUI
It is likely the ER checked the BAC for diagnostic and potential treatment purposes regardless of what the police wanted.