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When you are arrested are you supposed to know the charge or can they charge you at the jail later?
I had an officer pull up on me while in a parking lot accused me of running a stop sign but said I stopped at the intersection. I didn't know if that was possible. Then he asked for license and insurance before I could arrested resisting
If they have probable cause to arrest you they don't have to inform you of what your charges are. And if they get you...
I need help wrongfully convicted with solid proof of my innocence
Was wrongfully convicted of no liability insurance 2nd offense have recording and proof presented in court but was still convicted and sentenced to 5 days in jail and dl suspended for 3 months
You have 30 days from the date of conviction to file a notice of appeal with the district court. If you are beyond that...
Drinking in Public 5-71-212: Pled not-guilty, have trial date in July 2015. Enough discrepancies to get dropped?
I was pulled over 1 block from my home. Officer asked if I had been drinking & I admitted I had earlier at a bar. He did field sobriety, I passed, did a Breathalyzer, registered .026. Gave me a ticket for Drinking in Public 5-71-212 is what is marked on ticket. My boyfriend pulled up behind us (officer car blocked the road). Same thing, bf blew .06, same ticket. Officer had bf drive the vehicle I was in to our driveway, then walk back and drive his truck to our driveway and made me walk to our home. (both vehicles registered in bf name so he was to drive them). Neither of us were drinking in public, neither went to jail, we were NOT released to a "sober" person's custody since we were both given tickets. Both tickets also read that we were both driving the same vehicle! Can we fight it?
You passed the Sobriety Tests? Asker, remember the follow the pen test?? Please let me know what they're looking for......
Does breathalyzer machines have to be calibrated and in good working order in Arkansas to get a dwi conviction?
Plus does an officer have to read you your rights because mine was never read,
You could still be convicted of a DWI without accurate breathalyzer results based off of field sobriety tests, video,...
Does breathalyzer machines have to be calibrated and in good working order in Arkansas to get a dwi conviction?
Plus does an officer have to read you your rights bc mine was never read,
The are regulations about the use and operation of a breathalyzer by a police department. The failure to comply with...
Will I be able to get into Kenya and Tanzania with a DWI on my record?
A few days ago I was arrested and charged with a DWI. In about 3 months I will be going to Kenya and Tanzania. Will I be granted a visa and will I be able to get through customs into these two countries? I know the laws are different in each country which is why I am confused on the exact rules for these two. My record is completely clean other than this one incident. Also, if I have a lay over in another country but am staying in the airport, will I have a problem then? My lay over may be in Dubai.
Realistically your case would still be pending in three months. DWI cases routinely take much longer than that. Your...
Can I take dui online classes in Arkansas
I don't have any way to get to in person classes
Contact the DUI schools to ask if they have online classes. You will probably still have to go in for evaluations....