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What kind of sentencing can I expect to receive on a third DWI. It has been since 1997 since I had one.
I had two DWI convictions in 1997. I was also charged with open container after consuming, civil revocation of license, Dwlr impaired and driving left of center. I blew a .12. Thanks
You should contact an experienced attorney to help you. There is too much detail in a DWI consultation to state on this...
What are the consequences of my case of dwi?
first .i have to tell you that i m 31 and i rarely drink couple beers .like once in month and sometimes i stay months and months without having a single beer. and i never took or seen any kind of drug in my life. on the 28 th june 2015 i was driving alone heading to my aprtment from a friends house it was a party .i had couple drinks .i got stopped by police officer he asked me to do the breath test and i did it .i did it five times but one was reading .08...the officer was telling me that i wasnt doing it right and he charged me dwi with refusal of the i dont have driver license to go to my work . is there any chances to get a my driving privileges to go to work ..i just dont want loose my job cause i really dont have tranportation.
First you need an attorney. Use Avvo to find the best criminal defense attorney in your area. Now, to address your...
DWI conviction
A cop stopped me because he said he noticed I was failing to maintain lane. The result was he let me go no ticket...I then got out of car and was going to help a friend of mine that had a flat get to his car I had to pass the cops I was passing I said have a great night officer and walked to friends car he in turn came over and started talking to me again...he said he smelled alcohol and ask to do field test...I passed all then gave me breathalizer I blew .12 he arrest me for DWI shud I be arrested for DWI or public intoxication? Do I have a good chance on winning when I go to court with my lawyer?
You need to ask these questions of your own attorney. It looks like the office had a valid reason to stop you. The...
Can I get a restricted license after my 3rd dwi so I could drive only for work
Will I be eligible for restricted license after my 3rd dwi? How long do I have to wait to get a restricted license in NC? If I move out to california will I get a restricted license after 6 months?
I am not licensed in North Carolina, so out of respect to any experienced DUI attorney from NC who answers your...
Can my DUI case get dismissed if I never saw the magistrate before I was released and never signed written promise to appear?
I got arrested for a DUI and was pulled over for a failure to yield. I was given a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer on the side of the road. The officer did not realize my license was revoked until I was already at the police station which he then wrote a ticket for. Both copies of the ticket have the date on it but not the time on the one for my DUI and the one for my license revoked has the time but the am and pm are not circled. On my conditions of release and order form it is electronically signed by a magistrate I never saw. I only have a ticket for the DUI and driving while license revoked, not the failure to yield which I was initially pulled over for.
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....
I was charged with a DUI a year ago. i hired an attorney and was still found guilty. I am now trying to reinstate my license.
i received a limited driving privilege for one year. I completed my alcohol assessment course and did my community service. I have done everything i was asked to. I payed all the fines and fees on time as well. Yesterday i went to the DMV to finally get my license after one long year. Only one problem the DMV officer tells me that the DMV never received the documents digitally from the courthouse but they do see in the their system that i was convicted of a DUI. Now they are saying if they issue me a license in two weeks i will receive a letter stating that my license with be suspend for 1 year, even after the fact that its already has been suspended for a year. What do i do here? i am beyond annoyed and frustrated.
I can only imagine what you are going through. I had something like that happen to me when I was a teenager. Not DUI...
When can I get an IID removed?
I was convicted of DUI in May of 2014 for BAC +.15. I gave up my license for 45 days, I got an IID installed in July at the direction of the NCDMV and got limited driving privileges. I was required to have the IID for one year - is that one year from the date I was convicted or date of install? In other words, can I ask for it to be removed in May, 2015 or do I wait til July 2015?
Call your local DMV to see when you can get the iid removed from your vehicle.